Short-term rentals in and around Amsterdam

Private holiday renting allows locals to rent out their home or houseboat while they are away, to a maximum of four guests up to 30 days per year. There are strict rules to this form of private holiday rental to ensure that your stay is safe and comfortable - so make sure you're aware of the rules and choose an accommodation you trust.

Legal requirements

Make sure that you book your stay with a bona fide host. Don’t hesitate to ask your host if he or she complies with local rules, and do take a close look at the pictures of the apartment. Does the accommodation look like someone lives there, or like a home that is rented out permanently? In that case it may be an illegal holiday rental. Apartments for more than four people are always illegal. The municipality enforces actively on illegal accommodations. Do note that tourist taxes always have to be remitted. If you feel unsure as to whether an apartment is being rented out legally, take a look at the official guidelines here.