Amsterdam Area

Learn and read more about the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and all its versatility. In less than 60 minutes from Amsterdam Center, you'll find excellent cultural cities like Haarlem, the majestic windmills at Zaanse Schans, the famous tulip fields in and around the Keukenhof, and historic towns like Edam and Volendam.

Highlights in the Amsterdam Area

Smalltown harbours

Marken harbour
The still-active fishing harbours of these towns are a perfect spot to taste traditional treats like fresh herring.

Culture in Haarlem

Haarlem Frans Hals Museum
A city that’s inspired a thousand paintings, Haarlem offers an abundance of options for culture lovers.

Cheese markets

Kaasmarkt Alkmaar CC BY 2.0 Puybrun via Flickr
With its markets, cheese dairies and tasting rooms, Old Holland is a must-see for all cheese lovers.

Fairy tale fortresses

Country & Christmas Fair Castle de Haar
Take a look at some of these impressive locations at which to unleash your inner knight, damsel or fairy-tale villain.

Dutch dunes

Couple cycling in Bloemendaal dunes Amsterdam Beach Rob Verhagen
Open from sunrise to sunset, the dunes offer walking and cycling routes, forested areas, lakes and ponds.
Discover the region with the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket

The Amsterdam Area is easy to explore by public transport, with most destinations being accessible by train or bus (or a combination of the two) - within an hour from Amsterdam. If you're planning to head out into the Amsterdam Area during your trip to Amsterdam, it makes sense to use the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket - a special public transport pass valid on bus, tram, metro and train in Amsterdam and the entire region. The ticket is valid for 1, 2 or 3 days and comes with a useful public transport guide for the Amsterdam Area filled with sightseeing tips.

Explore the entire Amsterdam Area

Flowers of Amsterdam

Keukenhof Windmill
Each spring this region bursts into colour as millions of flowers bloom, creating one of the world's most unique sights.


Haarlem shopping gouden straatjes warmoesstraat
A city of remarkable history and culture, Haarlem is just a short hop from Amsterdam but packs a unique punch.

Old Holland

Amsterdam Zaanse Schans windmill day trip, Merijn Roubroeks
With its windmills and quaint villages, stepping out into Old Holland can feel like being in a Golden Age painting.

Castles & Gardens

Discover a land of fairy tale castles and impressive country estates in the lush countryside of Noord-Holland.

Amsterdam Beach

Amsterdam beach houses
Bask on the sands and soak up the nightlife at the Dutch coast and the beaches at Bloemendaal and Zandvoort.

New Land

Explore polder land reclaimed from the sea, giving birth to new cities and acclaimed architecture and design.

Amsterdam Area: Get inspired!

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