2017: Dutch Design

This year Keukenhof takes part in the nationwide celebrations marking 100 years since the birth of De Stijl artistic movement, which included artists like Piet Mondrian, Gerrit Rietveld and Bart van der Leck. From March 2017 visitors will be able to see an impressive 250m2 representation of a Mondrian composition made entirely from 80,000 blooming flowers, combined with Rietveld’s famous Red and Blue Chairs.

2016: The Golden Age

Last year Keukenhof looked back to the Dutch Golden Age for inspiration, celebrating that famous era in which the Netherlands found itself at the centre of the world, leading the way in trade, arts and sciences. This also happened to be the time in which the tulip trade blossomed, so Keukenhof celebrated with a flower bulb mosaic depicting the Golden Age in more than 100,000 blooms. The 250m2 flower mosaic depicts a Delft blue tile on which overseas trade and Amsterdam’s iconic canal houses are depicted.

2015: Van Gogh

2015 was the 125th anniversary of Vincent Van Gogh’s death, so naturally Keukenhof Gardens wanted to celebrate the life and work of this remarkable artist in appropriate fashion – with a 250m2 floral mosaic.  The mosaic depicted one of Van Gogh’s most well-known self-portraits and brought the artist back to life in vivid colour for nine beautiful weeks.

2014: Holland

In 2014 Keukenhof celebrated all things Dutch with their Holland theme. Tulips, of course, took centre stage, and the flower mosaic depicted a typical Amsterdam canal scene with a giant tulip to symbolise the 16th century tulip mania.

2013: The United Kingdom – Land of Great Gardens

In 2013, Keukenhof looked across the sea to the UK for inspiration and paid homage to all things British in its theme with an impressive mosaic depicting London landmarks Big Ben and Tower Bridge. A large scale exhibition also showcased various aspects of British gardening and landscaping.

2012: Poland – Heart of Europe

Poland got the red carpet treatment at Keukenhof in 2012 with a theme celebrating the country’s relationship with the Netherlands. This year’s flower mosaic depicted a 20m portrait of classical composer Chopin, born in Poland in 1810.

2011: Germany - Land of Poets

2011 saw Keukenhof look to its neighbour Germany for its theme. This year the world famous flower estate featured various inspirational gardens with a Germanic twist, a special theme route, and an impressive 250m2 depiction of the Brandenburg Gate made from 100,000 flowering bulbs.

2010: From Russia with Love

Keukenhof looked east for its 2010 theme, celebrating all things Russsian. Russian landscapes, a Russian garden and Russian wildlife took centre stage, with the piece de resistance being an enormous flower mosaic of the famous St Basil’s Chrurch in Moscow made from 65,000 tulips and hyacinths.

2009: USA

The year 2009 marked 400 years of the Dutch relationship with America, as well as Keukenhof’s 60th anniversary. Such milestones called for a special celebration, so  Keukenhof laid on a lavish spread of US themed floral treats

2008 – China and the Olympic Games

2008 saw the global spotlight fall on China as Beijing hosted the Olympic games.  Keukenhof joined in the Chinese celebrations with a forbidden flower garden, new flower bulbs with Chinese or Olympic names, and a large flower mosaic depicting a Chinese dragon. Keukenhof Gardens reopens on 23 March 2017 and can be visited until 21 May. Find out more about visiting Keukenhof Gardens and the Flower Strip