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WG Kunst Art Foundation

WG Kunst is a dynamic foundation for art and cultural education. It employs 20 artists who focus on two key areas of development within the arts: creating exhibitions and leading art-based educational projects. The educational projects are carried out throughout the city for participants of all ages, from small children to the elderly. WG Kunst frequently organises exhibitions at their head office in Amsterdam.

A vibrant source of ideas for twenty-five years

WG Kunst has a beautiful exhibition hall in a former hospital pavilion in the middle of the Wilhelmina Gasthuis site in Amsterdam West. Located in an oasis of green between Overtoom and Kinkerstraat, a stone's throw from the Vondelpark. Since 2021, WG Kunst has organized an annual INSIDEBOUT art route on the WG site. An outdoor museum where art is on display in public spaces.


WG Kunst occupies the position between the studio and the established gallery circuit . WG Kunst gives room for experiment and gives artists the opportunity to publicly display developments within their work. The space can be fully adapted to the exhibition. WG Art shows stories.

WG Kunst initiates its own projects and manifestations. She also facilitates art projects for third parties.

Within the Weekend Salon concept, WG Kunst makes space and expertise available to starting and established artists. The Weekend Salon is a short but powerful sales exhibition that attracts a lot of interest.

Art education

WG Kunst has years of experience in organizing art educational projects. Where possible, the exhibitions form the starting point for projects and workshops with children and adults.

Children's Book Week

Every year, a major (double) talent within the children's book world is invited to create an exhibition. Ted van Lieshout, Daan Remmerts de Vries, Harriët van Reek and Harrie Geelen, Sylvia Weve, Max Kisman, Fiep Westendorp, Floor Rieder, Martijn van der Linden, Wim Hofman, Thé Tjong Khing and Yvonne Jagtenberg have exhibited at WG Kunst, including linked workshops for more than 80 school classes.

Young Talent

WG Kunst provides art education at schools on request, challenging students to develop their talents.