How to visit the Museum of the mind | Outsider Art with your City Card

It is not necessary to reserve a time slot to visit this location with your City Card. Make sure that your City Card is valid at the time of your visit.

For the Love of Art 

The exhibition ‘For the Love of Art’ shows a diverse art collection that tells a single universal story. The story of the creator who, through art, communicates his or her passion for the creative process and reveals part of their inner world. More than 90 works make this passion palpable. It is like being in love, when you abandon yourself completely and outside influences hardly play a role. 

Next to monster-like sculptures with a dreamy look constructed by the Japanese artist Shinichi Sawada hang friendly black-and-white figures drawn by the Iranian artist Davood Koochaki. The thoughts of the British Richard C. Smith are discussed in film fragments from the documentary made by Gabriel Jagger and Finbar Brown. Be astonished by the explosion of colour in M. Anesi’s creations, the details in the textile works filled with flowers and plants by the South African Aradne, and so much more. 

The works of art show that love is coupled with contradictions: themes such as anxiety, frustration and rage play a role alongside connection, passion and the longing for something elusive. Our attention is also caught by the fascination with a material or structure, or an obsession with a particular act. Besides fabric, clay and paper, the artists use a diversity of materials such as rubber, staples, buttons, medals, computer pixels and fruit crates. 

A unique museum

In recent years Outsider Art has been on the rise in the art world. Not surprising, because this art movement knows how to touch you and will not let go. Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art is located in the Hermitage Amsterdam, making it easy to extend a visit with the exhibition in the Hermitage wing.