The largest steam engine in the world

The Cruquius houses the largest steam engine of its kind in the world. The engine room, where nothing has changed since 1849, is a marvel of Victorian engineering. In the boiler houses, models of steam engines and lifting gear, old maps and prints give a good picture of 2000 years of struggle against the water.

No visit to the Cruquius Museum is complete without a demonstration of the great steam engine. See for yourself how the mighty machine works.

Steam pumping station

De Cruquius steam pumping station is a unique example of neo-gothic architecture in the Netherlands. The building has heavy buttresses, pointed-arch windows and battlements. Inside, extensive use has been made of cast iron ornaments. The impressive combination of technology and architecture makes the De Cruquius steam pumping station a world-class industrial monument.

Steam engine

The pride of Cruquius Museum is the world-famous steam engine from 1849, which can be viewed in all its glory in the engine room. The largest cylinder in the world, with a diameter of 3.66 meters, is located under the factory floor. The eight pumps are located at the end of the balance arms. Each pump can pump 8,000 litres of water up almost 5 meters per stroke. 5 strokes were made per minute.


Cruquius Museum offers a general, technical or historical tour for groups on request, in different languages. The steam practical can also be booked for children. The guided tours for children are freely accessible every 1st and 3rd Saturday afternoon of the month.

Tea house Cruquius

You can find Theehuis Cruquius right next to the museum. It's a nice place by the water for lunch, warm apple pie, a cup of coffee or a drink before or after visiting the museum.