Lots to see and experience

In Madurodam you will experience the most beautiful and the best of the Netherlands. Discover through world famous miniatures, all kinds of fun (water) games and attractions that a small country is great at. In Madurodam there is a lot to see and especially a lot to do together with the whole family. You lack eyes and hands. This way you experience together how the Netherlands came into existence, you become the future football champion of the Netherlands and you ensure that the country does not get flooded. You have to experience that!

365 days a year full of experience

Madurodam is open every day and always offers a super fun day out. Step into the shoes of DJ Armin van Buuren and mix your own beats at the DJ Table. You can listen to these often at home: if you register, you will receive them by e-mail. Would you rather learn to fly like a pilot? That is possible at Schiphol. Or load a ship with containers in the port of Rotterdam in a very cool way. Quick, close the Oosterscheldekering on time! Then the land will not be flooded. Are you not averse to a wet suit? Then help Hansje Brinker to protect the Netherlands and keep the water out of the dike!