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Amsterdam Noord/NDSM - From derelict shipyard to creative hub

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Amsterdam Noord is changing. For a long time, people turned their noses up at this district, but in just a few years it’s become the hippest and most innovative part of Amsterdam. The raw industrial character of the NDSM Terrain is enough to convince businesses, new residents and people with a lust for life to take the big step of moving to the other side of the IJ waterway. High time that you took a look for yourself!

This route includes locations you can visit free of charge or at a reduced price with the I amsterdam City Card.
  • From the I amsterdam Store, walk to the Buiksloterweg ferry. This departs every 5 minutes and is free of charge.
  • When you get to the other side, turn left, pass Café De Pont on your right, and head towards a wide building with wooden steps. This is the way in to the Tolhuistuin.
  • Tolhuistuin

    Since 2014, the garden of the former toll house has once again become a venue for music and theatre!

  • As you leave the Tolhuistuin, turn right. Cross the bridge and follow the water towards the big tower block straight ahead of you. Welcome to A’DAM Toren – A’DAM Lookout is at the top.

    For drinks and snacks with a view over the IJ river, the A’DAM tower is the place to be.

    10:00 - 22:00
  • Just beyond A’DAM Toren is the EYE Film Museum, a spectacular, white, futuristic building.
  • Eye Filmmuseum

    For film lovers with an ‘eye’ for architecture.

    10:00 - 19:00
  • After the EYE Film Museum, walk between This Is Holland and A’DAM Toren to the A LAB and enjoy a coffee at The Coffee Virus.
  • The Coffee Virus

    Home-made food, fantastic cakes and above all, coffee worth taking a detour for.

    08:30 - 17:00
  • Post your photos of Amsterdam Noord and NDSM with hashtag #iamNDSM
  • After your coffee break, follow Bercylaan and Céramiquelaan to the Van der Pek bridge. Cross the bridge to the Van der Pekplein. There are two cafes on the square, along with restaurant Il Pecorino. Walk up the broad Van der Pekstraat, where you’ll find the great clothing shop, Pek & Kleren. And on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday, the Pekmarkt market will be set out along the middle of the street.
  • Pek & Kleren

    At the heart of the Van der Pekstraat you’ll find one of Amsterdam North’s best concept stores.

    Currently closed
  • Walk to the end of Van der Pekstraat until you reach a roundabout. Walk anti-clockwise around the roundabout towards the Rabobank cash machine. Follow the red bike path next to the cash machine for a fair distance, until the bike path starts to curve slightly to the left. Follow the bike path as far as Papaverweg and turn left, then immediately left again into Korte Papaverweg. The Broedplaats de Ceuvel creative space and café is located at the end of the street.
  • Café de Ceuvel

    De Ceuvel is a workspace for creative, sustainable and socially-minded entrepreneurs.

  • Walk back towards Papaverweg and turn left. Continue straight ahead for a fair distance, crossing the junction with Ridderspoorweg, towards Neef Louis Design and Van Dijk en Ko.
  • Neef Louis

    With over 4,500 m2 of vintage and industrial furniture, you can recreate the NDSM atmosphere at home.

    Currently closed
  • Van Dijk & Ko

    The essence of the industrial NDSM feeling captured in a vintage furniture store.

    Currently closed
  • Continue along Papaverweg for a fair distance and cross the Theo Fransman bridge to the NDSM Terrain. Noorderlicht Café is on your left just after you cross the bridge.
  • Noorderlicht Café

    A tasteful embodiment of what makes the NDSM shipyard so unique.

  • Leave the grounds of the Noorderlicht Café through the archway. Turn right towards a huge industrial building. Turn left in front of the building and go in through two big blue sliding doors. Welcome to Kunststad.
  • Kunststad

    This former shipyard has been transformed into a lively workspace for 250 creative talents. 

  • Leave by the big blue doors, and head straight on to the blue and red crane at the edge of old shipyard. This is Crane Hotel Faralda.
  • Crane Hotel Faralda Amsterdam

    Many hotels claim that they’re unique, but they really don’t come more extraordinary than this hotel at the top of a crane.

  • Leave the crane and head towards the water. At the other side of the car park, you’ll see a building made of shipping containers. You can stop here for a drink at Pllek, and in fine weather you can sit out on the beach in front.
  • Pllek

    Organic, sustainably sourced food with a view over the IJ waterway and the city centre.

  • Head back to the Pllek car park and turn immediately left. With the red brick car park on your right, walk towards the water, where you’ll see an old submarine and BOTEL. Turn left and go into Woodies aT BerLin, in an industrial building on your left.
  • Woodies aT BerLin

    Bring a stylist and a boat builder together and you get Woodies aT BerLin.

    Currently closed
  • As you leave Woodies aT BerLin, turn right. Walk along the water, past De Pannenkoekenboot, straight ahead past BBROOD, and you’ll come to a huge, colourful portrait of Anne Frank by the Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra. 
  • IJ-hallen

    Europe’s largest flea market takes place in this industrial warehouse once a month.

  • Cross the road and walk through the colourful student homes made of shipping containers.
  • If you’re a student on a budget in Amsterdam, you can live in a shipping container!
  • Go back to the Ms. Oslofjordweg and walk to the end, then turn right and walk to the end of the quay for a great view over the IJ waterway.
  • Loetje aan 't IJ

    Loetje’s prized tenderloin steaks, combined with the perfect view.

    10:00 - 22:30
  • After you’ve been to Loetje aan 't IJ, walk back along the key, then turn right to keep walking by the marina. Cross the footbridge on the left, follow the path, and you’ll come to IJ-Kantine. From here you’ll have perfect view of the ferry back to Amsterdam. You can check the times of the ferries before you decide whether to stop of at IJ-Kantine.
  • From the front of IJ-Kantine walk back past BBROOD to catch the ferry back to Central Station.

Amsterdam Noord/NDSM - From derelict shipyard to creative hub