Scandinavian Embassy

The Scandinavian Embassy is one the coffee hotspots in town, and with its Swedish delicacies, minimalist-yet-cosy interior and coffee coming from a selection of micro-roasters in Scandinavia, they’re really holding up the Nordic flag(s). Plus: their cinnamon buns are a marvel.

Scandinavian Embassy, Sarphatipark 34

Scandinavian Embassy Amsterdam

Lot Sixty-One

Run by two Australians, who came to Amsterdam via some of New York’s most renowned coffee bars, Lot Sixty-One is a small, light café, shop and roastery on Kinkerstraat. Snag one of the seats outside, sip your delicious cup of coffee in the sun and don’t forget to take some beans home.

Lot Sixty-One, Kinkerstraat 112

Lot Sixty One Amsterdam CC BY 2.0 Alper Cugun via Flickr


With its bright, colourful look, Bedford-Stuyvesant is a great little place in Amsterdam Oost to stop by for a fresh salad, organic treat and, of course, a lovely cup of coffee, sipped while gazing at the mural of a brownstone in the eponymous Brooklyn neighbourhood.

Bedford-Stuyvesant, Javastraat 55

Bedford Stuyvesant Amsterdam

CT Coffee & Coconuts

This airy De Pijp eatery, housed inside a former 1920s cinema, is making no false promises: as well as choosing from a regularly updated selection of coffee, visitors can order an entire fresh coconut with a squeeze of lime (add a dash of rum if you’re feeling extra fun). The breathtaking art deco building has been lovingly converted into a hip, multi-level hangout with stripped-back Scandinavian décor, making for a laid-back atmosphere ideal for long, lazy brunches, afternoon drinks and classy evenings.

CT Coffee & Coconuts, Ceintuurbaan 282-284

CT Coffee & Coconuts Amsterdam

Koffie Academie

Dark, reclaimed wood and pop art on the wall define the look of this lovely little place on Overtoom. Their beans are imported from all over the world, but roasted right here in Amsterdam. Croissants, brownies, carrot cake and sandwiches are on sale; so is the art on the walls and even the handmade furniture.

Koffie Academie, Overtoom 95

Koffie Academie Amsterdam

Coffee & Juices

A true neighbourhood joint, this Hugo de Grootplein café serves cortados and (you guessed it!) fresh juice, to be enjoyed either at the large reading table with a paper or a glossy magazine, or outside in the sun while watching the world go by.

Coffee & Juices, Hugo de Grootplein 16

Coffie & Juices Amsterdam

Coffee Bru

Single-origin coffee and the perfect flat white: taking its inspiration from South African coffee bars, Coffee Bru aims to be an extension of its patrons’ living rooms with its accessible and laid-back atmosphere. A sunny terrace and a play area for the kids put the icing on the cake.

Coffee Bru, Beukenplein 14

Coffeebru Amsterdam

Rum Baba

The eponymous rum-drenched French cakes are on the menu alongside red velvet cake, cinnamon buns and other sweet delicacies in this cute, vintage-y spot with its bright-blue floor. And yes, the coffee is pretty splendid, too.

Rum Baba, Pretoriusstraat 33

Rum Baba Amsterdam

The Coffee Virus

One for the creatives and the coffee nerds, this coffee place in Amsterdam Noord sees freelancers and entrepreneurs hatch great schemes while enjoying coffee prepared with a V60-1, an Aeropress, a Chemex or a Syphon, and the walls are full of art and graphic design.

The Coffee Virus, Overhoeksplein

The Coffee Virus Amsterdam

White Label Coffee

Sustainability and fair trade are the order of the day in this café in Amsterdam West. Beans come from Colombia, Guatemala and Costa Rica and can be either enjoyed right on the (very pleasant) spot or taken home to prepare a fair and delicious brew.

White Label Coffee, Jan Evertsenstraat 136

White Label Coffee Amsterdam CC BY 20 Alper Cugun via Flickr


Caffènation, in Amsterdam’s Schinkel neighbourhood, is a cosy place filled with 1950s furniture, cacti and the smell of fresh Belgian coffee. The beans are roasted in Antwerp, and, as is par for the course for a proper Belgian, the chocolate is homemade, too.

Caffènation, Warmondstraat 120

Caffènation Amsterdam


With its first location having opened ten years ago at Westergasfabriek, the Espressofabriek is a veritable old-timer of Amsterdam’s coffee scene. A second location in IJburg followed in 2011, and the combination of tasting room and second home to the caffeine-loving regulars continues to prove a success. The beans are roasted right under the roof of Westergasfabriek.

Espressofabriek, Pazzanistraat 39 / IJburglaan 1489

 Espressofabriek Amsterdam

Vascobelo V-Bar

Sometimes it seems that coffee- and bookshops were made to be together, and the Flemish café Vascobelo, located on the first floor above the Scheltema book shop, is an excellent example for this great alliance. Pour over your newly purchased print products while sipping on a ristretto prepared at a perfect 92 degrees celsius, a naked doppio or, if you’re feeling special, a latte with syrup. Photography on the walls and jazz from the speakers complete the old-school vibe.

Vascobelo V-Bar, Rokin 9 – 15

Vascobelo V-Bar Amsterdam

Cut Throat Barber & Coffee

Back in 1934, Amsterdam’s very first barbershop opened right at this spot. Today, Cut Throat Barber & Coffee don’t only groom beards and trim hair, they’ve also added great coffee, brunch, cocktails and late-night soulfood to the mix. One for the gents.

Cut Throat Barber & Coffee, Beursplein 5

Cut Throat Barber & Coffee Amsterdam

Koffie ende Koeck

Rejoice, all you vegans and lactose-intolerants: Koffie ende Koeck offers a 100-percent plant-based menu place with a firm emphasis on cakes, cookies and candy – think vegan pecan pie, petit fours and scuffins (a muffin-scone-hybrid, dontcha know). And of course the lattes are prepared with soy, almond, spelt or hazelnut milk. To top it all off, the interior is almost entirely upcycled.

Koffie ende Koeck, Haarlemmerweg 175

Koffie ende Koeck Amsterdam

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