Settling into Amsterdam life can be relatively straightforward, especially if you plan and arrange as much as you can before relocating. When moving to a new address within Amsterdam or the Netherlands, it is important to notify the municipality. It’s also good to know that there are a number of relocation agencies offering a wide range of services.

Books on Amsterdam

To understand the Dutch way of life there are a range of books covering culture, business, living. Here are some highlights.

Expat resilience

As an expat, you are often out of your comfort zone and surrounded by changes: new country, new house, new job, new friends and new culture. Even a we...

Expat blogs

The blogosphere is home to many an expat blog. Blogs are, after all, a great way to share your new experiences abroad and communicate with friends and...

International media

There are various forms of media available to the international community in the Netherlands, including magazines, radio, websites and bookstores, all...