Finding a place to live in Amsterdam is one of the most important decisions you will make – whether you're a new arrival or just looking for a change. It’s important for everyone who buys or rents a home in the Netherlands to know their rights. However, with research and the right advice, you can find your perfect home in a popular market. When searching for accommodation, there are three possibilities: public housing, private rentals and buying property.

Everyday essentials

Whether you're moving to Amsterdam, newly arrived or an established citizen, here you can look up official information on day-to-day living, including...

Moving to Amsterdam

Get set for a new start in Amsterdam: read on for relocation tips and find out about employment, housing, international schools and more.

Household maintenance

Once you've found accommodation in Amsterdam, you'll need to set up things like internet and TV, and sort out a provider for your water, gas and elect...

Look for housing

Read up on renting, buying property, mortgages and housing rights to help with finding your new home in the Amsterdam Area.

Take care of waste & recyling

Reduce your environmental footprint by recycling paper, textiles, plastic and glass and find out where to deposit household waste in your neighbourhoo...

Find rental property

If you’re planning a short-term stay in the Amsterdam Area (under five years), renting is your best bet. After all, contracts can be easily chan...