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king's day

King's Day is a public holiday in the Netherlands but certainly not a day of rest. Join the locals in painting the town orange for the party to end all parties. Hang out with friends on the canals, explore the citywide markets or head to one of the official city festivals.

Queen's Day press update 4

At 12:15, about 78,000 visitors had arrived into the Amsterdam train stations. The majority travelled into Amsterdam Central Station - slightly more t...

Queen's Day press update 3

In the region of 25,000 people on Dam Square witnessed the new royal pair make an appearance on the balcony of the Royal Palace, together with their d...

Queen's Day press update 6

Amsterdam’s traditional citywide street markets got underway later than usual this year, but they are now in full flow. Reports from all city district...

Abdication of Queen Beatrix

On 28 January 2013, Her Majesty the Queen delivered an official address to the nation, announcing her upcoming abdication from the throne. The officia...

Queen's Day press update 9

For visitors seeking a fantastic view of the Royal Boat Parade, there is still sufficient space available at the viewing points in Amsterdam Noord.

Queen's Day press update 5

Dam Square is currently at full capacity. The large volumes of visitors arriving into Amsterdam Central Station are being redirected to follow pedestr...

Queen's Day press update 2

Dam Square has filled up with large numbers of royal well-wishers. At 10:00, Dam Square had nearly reached full capacity. Other areas of the city rema...

Queen's Day press update 1

Queen’s Night in Amsterdam was festive and largely peaceful, the city is now getting ready for Queen’s Day. It was a lively but undisturbed Queen’s Ni...

Queen's Day press update 11

Amsterdam can look back upon a historic day that was especially festive. A jubilant atmosphere was experienced throughout the city. Both the royal cel...