language school

IN Amsterdam's Partnership Programme connects expatriates to service providers operating in the expat market. The participating companies are all known to IN Amsterdam (formerly Expatcenter Amsterdam), are closely monitored and meet several important criteria. Below is a list of partners in the language schools sector.


The language institute of Amsterdam’s Vrije Universiteit offers daytime and evening Dutch classes that prepare participants for the NT2 exam.


Berlitz offers effective language training for adults, kids and teens, as well as intercultural and business solutions for corporate clients. Over the...

Volksuniversiteit Amstelland

This adult education centre is located in Amstelveen, nearby Amsterdam, and offers numerous workshops and lectures (both in English and Dutch) in topi...

Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam

The Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam offers a plethora of courses in a wide range of topics, as well as Dutch language courses for non-Dutch speakers.