Alison McGarry

Having only just shaken off the jetlag from the 23-hour flight, this New Zealander is discovering Amsterdam’s charms on a daily basis. Alison has a life-long obsession with all things sartorial, and will keep you ahead of the game in fashion, style and design. No sample sale shall be left unturned.

An introduction to Dutch couture

25 Nov 2016
Dutch fashion designers may be somewhat overshadowed by their French and Italian counterparts, but these couture houses based in and around Amsterdam ...

Amsterdam love stories

24 Jan 2019
Home to some of the most romantic cityscapes in Europe, Amsterdam has provided the striking backdrop for centuries of love stories.

Rembrandt lives on

18 Feb 2019
350 years after his death, Rembrandt is as alive as ever in Amsterdam, the city that inspired his creative passion and continues to influence generati...

Skating in a winter wonderland

01 Dec 2018
During the holiday season, Amsterdam lives up to its picture-postcard image more than ever. The narrow, cobbled streets are festively decorated, the b...

Amsterdam Weekend Guide

23 Apr 2019
In Amsterdam, 27 April is the most important celebration of the year, and when it falls on a Saturday, the festivities are bigger, livelier and more v...