Thanks to Amsterdam's acumen for innovation, streamlined healthcare system, unrivalled tech talent pool and thriving ICT scene, the city is a hub for MedTech (medical technology).

e-Health Convention

Piet Heinkade 179-181
Pakhuis De Zwijger
This convention brings together international speakers, experts and visitors to discuss the latest developments, application and i...

National Lung Cancer Symposium

Kattengat 1
Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel
The National Lung Cancer Symposium see medical specialists with an interest in the oncology of the chest, especially pulmonologist...

Amsterdam Skills Centre

Amsterdam Skills Centre opened in February 2019, aiming to train the next generation of surgeons. "The Amsterdam New Way of Learning Surgical Skills i...

Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center

The new Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center offers cutting-edge medical imaging techniques, the latest innovations in diagnosis-support, a uniquely equipped ...

Amsterdam UMC

“In Amsterdam we have educated people, good infrastructure and people are internationally oriented,” says Professor Guus van Dongen.


MedTech frontrunner Aidence is developing AI-driven healthcare solutions to improve the early detection of lung cancer. We spoke to its co-founder and...

Castor EDC

Castor EDC has developed a platform that offers users a cloud solution for capturing medical research data in clinical trials, helping to standardise ...