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City government Amsterdam

The city's systems and policies are created and maintained through dualistic co-operation between the City Council and Mayor & College of Alderpersons, strongly linked to the voice of the people. This section contains information on how the City Government works, the make-up of the current council and profiles of the mayor and alderpersons.

Amsterdam government, Mayor and College of Alderpersons

Amsterdam, a European capital

Amsterdam's city council is dedicated to setting the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area more prominently on the European stage, motivated by a belief in Euro...

Mayor of Amsterdam

Eberhard van der Laan became the Mayor of Amsterdam on 7 July 2010. He passed away on 5 October 2017 in Amsterdam.

Call the Amsterdam helpline

Call the City of Amsterdam on 14 020 to speak to an English-speaking operator about civic issues like taxes, parking, marriage ceremonies and more.