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Sustainability & inclusivity

At amsterdam&partners, we are committed to creating a sustainable and inclusive world in various ways. We achieve this by telling stories, connecting people and businesses, and sharing our expertise. Additionally, we aim to ensure that our team of employees reflects the diversity of the Amsterdam population. This commitment extends to all our communications and activities.

Global Destination Sustainability Index of amsterdam&partners

Since 2023, we have been participating in the Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDS), a benchmarking system that assesses the sustainability of tourism and events at destinations. In total, there are eighty criteria that a destination is tested on, divided into:

  • The ecological and social sustainability of the destination
  • The sustainability of the tourist suppliers and of the DMO (Destination Marketing Organization) itself - in this case, amsterdam&partners.

The index is primarily designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the field of sustainability and to determine how these can be improved. In 2023, we scored 68.2% on the index: about 20% higher than the average newcomer. And of course, we are proud of that.

Inspiring others to make conscious choices

While we are also learning from the best local, regional, national, and international experts, we are simultaneously trying to inspire our residents, visitors, and partners to make conscious choices that prioritise the well-being, livability, and ecology of our city and stimulate social cohesion. In this process, we collaborate with local entrepreneurs, interest groups, cultural and knowledge institutions that generate economic benefits, create meaningful jobs, and contribute to climate goals and the well-being of our city and residents. We also aim to attract businesses, conferences, and events to Amsterdam that highlight our sustainability goals.

Feel welcome and thrive

Our goal is to set a good example by creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and thrives. We align with the ambitious sustainability goals of our municipality. We strive for a balance between livability and sustainability and work towards a 'social foundation' where every resident and every business can fully develop, but within the limits of a sustainable 'environmental ceiling'.

Tips or advice?

If you have any tips or advice on how we can improve our contribution to a sustainable and inclusive world, please contact us.