Last updated 30 December 2020

Where to find this widget in Sitecore

/sitecore/content/Repository/Widgets/Related Cards Widgets


This widget is already placed at the end of every Article and News page template. By default this widget pulls in related items based on the tags that are on the page. That's why proper tagging of a page is essential. If you want to manually set which items are displayed in this widget, you can do so. How to, below:

How to create this widget

  • Insert a new Related Cards Widgets.
  • Add a Title that goes above the entire widget.
  • Select a tag or tags or search query that you want to use in your widget.
  • OR manually select Custom Cards (specific pages) you want to show in your widget. You can select any page type you like.
  • The slider shows max 15 items.

Note: you can select only one method - query or Custom Cards. It's not possible to combine both methods, i.e, manually select cards and set a tag as a fallback.

Where to use this Widget

Editorial (Full Width) Article Page (Full Width at bottom of the page only)

News Page

Form Page

Landing Page


See an example of this widget below (the default widget) and on the right side column (added manually via the Experience Editor) of this page.