Last updated 23 December 2020

Where to find this widget in Sitecore

/sitecore/content/Repository/Widgets/Iframe Widgets

How to create this widget

  • Insert a new Iframe Widget.
  • Insert the link of the page you want to "iframe". Typically this is an External Link. It must be a secure link, aka https. No need to set a link text.
  • You can set the height of your frame so that it fits on the page the way you want. It will take some tries to get it right.

Where to use this Widget

Landing Page

Editorial Article Page

News Page

More info / TIP

Instead of using this widget, it's also possible to add the iframe into any text using html. Sometimes the code is provided by the page you want to embed. Add the code in the HTML of your page. Otherwise, see this page for more information.