Card slider

The Card slider is an easy widget to set up and add to a Landing page!


The Related Cards Widget now looks exactly like the Card Slider, with the added functionality of a search query. Please use the Related Cards Widget instead.

Where to find this widget in Sitecore

/sitecore/content/Repository/Widgets/Card Slider Widgets

How to create this widget

Easy peasy! Add your Title. Add your pages by double-clicking or using the > arrow. Remove by double-clicking or using the < arrow. Rearrange the order by using the up and down buttons.

Add as many items as you want, keeping in mind the first two and the last item in your list are what appear first in the slider. The rest is hidden and will require SLIDING to see them.

Where to use this Widget

Please use the Related Cards Widget instead.


See below a Card slider in action.

Card slider

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