Last updated 29 December 2020

Add filters to your List Page.

Where do I find Searchgenres in Sitecore? 


How to create a Searchgenre

  • Insert a new Searchgenre
  • Insert a new Searchgenre Item. Under Subgenres, add the Title and tags you want to be able to filter on. 
  • Continue above steps if you want to create multiple filter genres.
  • Save and publish Searchgenre and sub-items.
  • Add the Searchgenre to your List Page under Filters under the Data Sources tab.

Some things to note

If you've added a tag to your filter and none of the pages pulled in to your list page have this tag, the search will come up empty. Similarly, if you've forgotten to add a tag to your filter then obviously you won't be able to filter pages on this tag. SO, if you've created a new tag in the meantime, don't forget to add it to your searchgenre filter!


See example of a searchgenre filter below!