Add custom filters to your List Page.

Where do I find Searchgenres in Sitecore? 


How to create a Searchgenre

  • Insert a new Searchgenre
  • Insert a new Searchgenre Item. Under Subgenres, add the Title and tags you want to be able to filter on. 
  • Continue above steps if you want to create multiple filter genres.
  • Save and publish Searchgenre and sub-items.
  • Add the Searchgenre to your List Page under Filters.

There already exists an "empty filter" (/sitecore/content/Repository/searchgenres/empty filter) that you can add if you want no filters at all to show.

Some things to note

You are adding filters manually. This means the filter does not "read" the tags that are on all the pages on your list page as would be the case if you didn't add this searchgenre option and let the tags show automatically (a feature built into this template). What I mean to say is, if you've added a tag to your filter and none of the pages pulled in to your list page have this tag, the search will come up empty. Similarly, if you've forgotten to add a tag to your filter then obviously you won't be able to filter pages on this tag. SO, if you've created a new tag in the meantime, don't forget to add it to your searchgenre filter!


See example of a searchgenre filter below!

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