1. Create the blogger profile photo in 1800 x 1020 px. Upload to /sitecore/media library/BLOG/authors/header images. 

  • This photo is used as the author page Card image. And in the author's Contact Person widget. More about this later.

2. Create the header image in the Photoshop template. Ask Kim for help, it needs to be done in a Photoshop file. Upload to /sitecore/media library/BLOG/authors/card images.

  • This photo is used as the author page Background (header) image and the author's tag page header image. More on this in next steps!

3. Create the author's tag page. Found here: /sitecore/content/Home/Search Results/TagRepository/.

  • Format is "blog[first name]". If first name already exists, then "blog[first name last initial]".
  • Add first name last name, capitalised, in Title, Menu Title, Meta Title fields.
  • Add author profile text in Text field.
  • Create tag in EN and NL! Use original language profile text if no translation is available.
  • See other existing blogger tags for examples.

4. Create the author list page. Found here: /sitecore/content/Home/blog/authors/.

  • Add first name last name, capitalised, in Title, Menu Title, Meta Title fields.
  • Add author profile text in Intro field.
  • Add tag query (under tab Data Sources > Build query > add the "tag" field by typing "tag" in the search box and entering your blog tag [blog{author}] (the one you created in step 3 above)
  • Add header image (the one you made in the Photoshop template in step 2 above)
  • Add card image (the one you made in step 1 above)

5. Create the Contact Card Widget. Found here: /sitecore/content/Repository/Widgets/Contact Person Widgets/blog/TEMPLATE author. 

  • Make a duplicate of the TEMPLATE author item
  • Update the info with new author. Note: if you feel comfortable I would advise to update in the HTML editor to ensure you don't lose any formatting:
    • Photo (card image from step 1.)
    • Name in H2
    • Intro - same is text in tag and author page, MINUS the social links. Those will be linked up in the icons.
    • Link "Browse all posts by {author}" to Author list page (made in step 4). Note: go into the HTML editor and add class="btn" at the end of the link in the <a href> tag. Like so: <a href="/en/blog/authors/ana-v-martin" class="btn">Browse all posts by Ana</a>
    • Delete social icons that aren't used. Link up (external, open in new window) icons that are used.

6. Create a Related Cards Widget for author. Found here: /sitecore/content/Repository/Widgets/Related Cards Widgets/BLOG/Blog authors/AUTHOR TEMPLATE

  • Make a duplicate of the AUTHOR TEMPLATE item.
  • Update Name
  • Add author tag to Related Cards Tags.

7. Add blogger to searchgenres. So they show up in the filters on https://www.iamsterdam.com/en/blog/posts and on the Category pages. Found here: /sitecore/content/Repository/searchgenres/blog author/authors and here: /sitecore/content/Repository/searchgenres/blog category and author/authors

8. Add blogger to homepage Card Slider Widget. List in alphabetical order! /sitecore/content/Repository/Widgets/Card Slider Widgets/Blog/blog authors