Coloured [projections on] skin

Black Achievement Month will take place this year for the sixth time: recognising the many qualities that can be found in the black community. The wealth of talent and expertise justifies this initiative and is also an ode to diversity and new citizenship. It also contributes to a balanced image of people with African roots. This image is too often determined by what was said and written about people of African descent during slavery and colonial times.

The exhibition 'Coloured [projections on] skin' averts the colonial white view on the body of colour and dismantles it based on contemporary visual art. The exhibition deconstructs the perception of black skin in the visual arts and shows the shared humanity of the body of colour. First and foremost is the artistic freedom to shape that body according to one's own insight, according to resemblance.

Visual art // until 20 November 2021 // CBK Zuidoost

Vincent Delbrouck: Champú

Capturing that feeling of what first love is like, Vincent Delbrouck’s deeply personal images depict stolen moments in the lives of Cuban teenagers hanging out in Los Chivos Park, Havana. Magical emotions are captured with a diary-like earnestness as if blending autobiography and fiction.

Photography // until 5 December 2021 // Huis Marseille

Bruce Nauman

Bruce Nauman Seven Figures Stedelijk AmsterdamTate Modern and Stedelijk join forces for the first major retrospective in the Netherlands of the groundbreaking American artist whose work inspired a generation. Over his 50-year career, Nauman worked in every conceivable medium, dissolving established genres of art-making and inventing new ones along the way. His practice was continually at the forefront of technology, blending sculpture, film, neon, video, sound, and text to confront viewers with their own physical and mental presence.

Modern art // until 24 October 2021 // Stedelijk Museum

Fred Stein. Dresden, Paris, New York. Photographer in exile

Fred Stein Amsterdam Jewish Historical MuseumYou may already be familiar with this iconic photographer’s work (a black and white portrait of Albert Einstein springs to mind), but how much do you know about the man who held the camera? One of the early masters of social documentary photography in the mid-20th century, Fred Stein’s work fell into obscurity after his death. The Jewish Cultural Quarter brings nearly two hundred of his photos back into the limelight in a new exhibition which also highlights the dramatic story of this German refugee who fled to Brooklyn.

Photography // until 7 November 2021 // Jewish Historical Museum

Shigeru Onishi: The Possibility of Existence

Shigeru Onishi Foam Amsterdam ExhibitionJapanese photographer Shigeru Onishi tore up the darkroom rule book (1928-1994) for this extraordinary body of work, now on display at Foam. The artist integrated mathematical principles into his image-making, breaking away from the idea of a photograph as a flat image taken from a single perspective.

Photography // until January 2022 // Foam

Chapter 4OUR: Abundance

Het HEM Chapter 4OUR Simone v Saarloos Vincent v Velsen AmsterdamWhat if everything had the right to exist without proof of purpose, goal, hierarchy, priority, or profit? Curators Simon(e) van Saarloos and Vincent van Velsen answer this as they take the helm for Het Hem’s hotly-anticipated fourth exhibition chapter. The group show brings together works by more than 15 artists, all presented within the cavernous surrounds of this former munitions-factory-turned-experimental-art-space. The exhibition and public programme will explore infinite meanings inherent in the concept of ‘Abundance’, all tied into themes of identity politics and inclusivity.

Contemporary art // through the Summer // Het Hem

Be Brave!

Resistance Museum Wees Moedig ExhibitionOpposing injustice takes courage and can have dire consequences. Willem, Coba, and Joop stood up against the persecution of the Jews during the February strike of 1941. These three Amsterdammers played an active role in the only massive protest action against the persecution. This exhibition asks what the cost of this bravery was for them and their loved ones.

History // Until 22 May 2022 // The Resistance Museum

The Amsterdam Treasure Room

The Amsterdam City Archives is a treasure trove of objects and artefacts, all housed in the monumental De Bazel building - an art deco gem. Discover over 45km of shelves with old books and papers, photographs, maps, prints and drawings. Wander through the Treasure Room to find out about Rembrandt, Johan Cruyff and Anne Frank as you track the transformation of this small medieval port into the city we know and love today.

History // until 31 December 2021 // Stadsarchief Amsterdam

Hello Rembrandt!

Hello Rembrandt! give young explorers the chance to engage with Rembrandt’s masterpieces through various interactive displays, digital screens and a photo booth where you can play with lighting, paint pigments or fragments of The Night Watch. What better place to learn about this famous Dutch painter’s life and work than in his very own home?

Family friendly // until 2 January 2022 // Rembrandt House Museum

The Amsterdam Toy Museum

Pinball machine UnsplashThis tribute to 20th-century toys showcases the lifelong personal collection of US collector Joseph Bleckman. The exhibition features 400 Barbies, bygone board games, vintage mechanical toys and downright dangerous playthings - including a flamethrower for children. Marvel at the artefacts and then relive your childhood with a play on the model trains and an old fashioned pinball machine.

Family-friendly // The Amsterdam Toy Museum