In the historic building of Teylers you will find art by famous masters, millions of old fossils, sparkling minerals, very expensive books and ingenious instruments.

The Oval Hall, which is more than two centuries old, is a world-class attraction.

In the modern halls, the museum organizes large and smaller exhibitions on a variety of subjects. Check the agenda for current exhibitions and public activities.

Pieter Teylers House

Teylers Museum has a new wing: Pieter Teylers Huis, the former residence of the founder of the museum. Be a guest in this unique, beautifully restored national monument, some of which are among the best-preserved historic interiors in the Netherlands from the 18th century. In the rooms on the ground floor, discover more about Pieter Teyler's dreams and how current they are.

Pieter Teyler and Teylers Museum

Pieter Teyler (1702-1778) was a wealthy Haarlem entrepreneur. Teylers Museum was built from his estate, which opened in 1784 and then only consisted of the Oval Hall. Visitors entered the Oval Hall via the impressive, long marble corridor of Teyler's former residence and marveled at the latest scientific inventions and the art of the time.

House of the Enlightenment

Pieter Teyler was a supporter of the Enlightenment. He believed that every person had the right to strive for freedom and happiness and that the world would become a better place as a result. He saw a major role for art and science in this. Discover what Teyler's ideas mean to you and how his dreams led to the creation of the oldest museum in the Netherlands.

miniature house

Also view the miniature house, showpiece in Pieter Teylers House! It is an exact 3d reconstruction of the house (1:12 scale), as it looked on Pieter Teyler's death anniversary.

A visit to Pieter Teylers House is included with the entrance ticket to Teylers Museum.