Descend for a new adventure

Come in, wander around and select your game. Or put your fate in the hands of VR game park and book the affordable Virtual Insanity Pack filled with the most popular games. Need some time to catch your breath? Relax with a snack or drink in the hangout and recharge your batteries for your next adventure. A'DAM VR Game Park is open to everyone – with no entrance fees.

Walk in spontaneously with your friends or book an all-inclusive group package . The advanced VR technology is your ticket to a world that previously only existed behind a screen. And you don't have to travel far for it. A'DAM VR Game Park is close to Amsterdam Central Station with plenty of parking options under the A'DAM Toren.

Amsterdam VR Ride - The Ultimate Rollercoaster Experience

The world's best game developers developed a unique and breathtaking new attraction especially for A'DAM VR Game Park. Visitors take a seat in a roller coaster cart, put on VR glasses and find themselves in a lifelike roller coaster ride right through Amsterdam. Something that seems impossible in real life becomes reality in the world of virtual reality. The roller coaster cart moves along while you, as a visitor, virtually race along a track along all the highlights of the city. Curious watch the Amsterdam VR Ride trailer here .

Visitors to both A'DAM LOOKOUT and A'DAM VR Game Park can take a ride in the Amsterdam VR Ride for €5 per person.