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Johan Cruijff route

  • 12 points
  • 12,5 km
  • 2,5 hours

Johan Cruijff, the greatest Dutch football player of all time, was born and bred in Amsterdam. We’ve made a selection of the places in city that were most important in the life of ‘El Salvador’. And naturally there are 14 stops, in honour of his iconic shirt number. You might be more familiar with the international version of the name, Cruyff, but here on the hero’s home turf, it’s the original Dutch spelling that you’ll see. The route is based on the book 'Het Amsterdam van Johan Cruijff' ('The Amsterdam of Johan Cruijff') by Sytze de Boer. 

With thanks to the Johan Cruyff Foundation and Uitgeverij Nieuw Amsterdam.

  • The route starts at Akkerstraat 32. If you don't have a bike, you can rent one at MacBike. Discounts are offered with the I amsterdam City Card.
  • Johan Cruijff's first home

    The Cruijff family home and greengrocer’s, where Johan spent his early years.

  • Turn right along Tuinbouwstraat, then right along Weidestraat. Cruijff’s second home is on the left.
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    After the death of Johan’s father Manus, the family had to move to this house.

  • Cycle to the end of Weidestraat then turn left into Onderlangs. The Johan Cruyff Court is diagonally opposite.
  • Cruyff Court Ajax Betondorp

    One of the many Cruyff Courts in the world, but perhaps the most special to Johan.  

  • Continue along Onderlangs and turn right into Sikkelstraat. Cycle along this street then turn left into Ploegstraat. At the end of Ploegstraat turn left into Egstraat. Turn right at Zaaiersweg. The Groen van Prinstererschool is after the church on your right.
  • Groen van Prinstererschool

    The former primary school attended by Johan and brother Henny.

  • Go straight on along Zaaiersweg, cross over Middenweg, then immediately turn right. Walk with your bike and at Wembleylaan turn left over the bridge. Esplanade de Meer is on your right.
  • Paulo Consentino’s mural, measuring 13 by 8 metres, was painted in 11 days in 2017 with the help of local young people. A great place for a selfie with #IamCruijff
  • Esplanade De Meer

    In the neighbourhood where Ajax’s former stadium De Meer once stood, there are many historical references.

  • Cycle back and turn right along Middenweg. Cycle straight on along Middenweg for 10 minutes and turn left at the Hema store, along Transvaalstraat. After a few minutes, you’ll come to Transvaalplein on your left.
  • Transvaalplein

    The neighbourhood where Ajax players Keizer, Hulshoff and Suurbier once lived – and Cruijff was a regular visitor.

  • Cycle to the end of Transvaalstraat. Go past the Albert Heijn supermarket at Krugerplein and then straight on along Maritzstraat. Before the restaurant Warung Domburg, turn left into Vrolikstraat. At the end of the street turn right along Wibautstraat. The Johan Cruyff Academy is in the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam).
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    The academy enables students to combine top-level sport with fulltime academic study.

  • Before the bridge on Rhijnspoorplein, turn left across the street and cross the bridge, the Torontobrug. After the bridge, turn immediately left into Amsteldijk. At Ceintuurbaan turn right. Continue along Ceintuurbaan, then go straight on at Roelof Hartstraat. At the library (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam) turn left into Johan M. Coenenstraat. Go over the bridge, then turn immediately right into Apollolaan. At the end of Apollolaan, turn right onto Olympiaplein. The AVV Swift playing fields are on the right.
  • AVV Swift

    Cruijff used to play here with Marco van Basten, particularly when he was recovering from an injury.

  • Continue along Olympiaplein and turn right. Go straight on until you get to Stadionweg. Bear left and continue along Stadionweg. Follow the road left onto Stadionplein. Johan Cruijffplein is on your right.
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    This is where the Johan Cruyff foundation has its offices, and where Johan used to drop in to the local snack bar.   

  • On Stadionplein you’ll see the Olympic Stadium.
  • Turn right when you’re on Stadionplein – the Johan Cruyff Foundation is on your right
  • Johan Cruyff Foundation

    The Johan Cruyff Foundation provides opportunities for young people to take part in sports and play.

    09:00 - 17:00
  • Go back to the entrance of the Olympic Stadium. Facing the stadium, turn right. Cross over Laan der Hespiriden and turn left, then go straight on until you come to the Johan Cruyff Institute on the right.
  • Johan Cruyff Institute

    The Johan Cruyff Institute offers courses in sports management, marketing and coaching.

  • The statue of Johan Cruijff is behind the Olympic Stadium.
  • Standbeeld ’74

    The first minute of the 1974 World Cup final captured in a statue.

  • Finish the route with a visit to the Johan Cruijff ArenA. You can get there by bike or on the metro.
  • Cycle back towards Stadionplein and turn right towards the Total petrol station. Continue in this direction until you pass directly under the Amstelveenseweg metro station. Lock up your bike in the parking area and take metro 50 to station Bijlmer ArenA. Alternatively, you can take your bike with you on the metro outside of rush hour (Mon-Fri 07:00-09:00 and 16:00-18:30). Please note that you must pay a supplement for your bike.

  • Turn right when you leave the metro station. Walk with your bike over the square past MediaMarkt and Decathlon to the former Amsterdam ArenA, newly renamed the Johan Cruijff ArenA.
  • From Bijlmer ArenA station it’s easy to get back into the centre. You can take the metro 50 back to metro station Amstelveenseweg or the 54 to Central Station.

Johan Cruijff route