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Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most international cities and a truly global hub for consumer goods, information and people. Amsterdam offers an outstanding network of professional services designed to assist international businesses with their European strategy. And with its excellent work/life balance, the combination of small size and cosmopolitan flair and a safe living environment, Amsterdam is a very attractive city to live in.

Amsterdam Trade

Amsterdam Trade connects Amsterdam’s industries and innovations with business opportunities abroad.


Are you looking for information on conducting international business in the Netherlands? The following organisations provide all the resources and inf...

About Amsterdam Trade

Amsterdam Trade opens doors for Dutch trade and industry abroad, bolstering Amsterdam’s status as an international business location and an innovative...

Connecting the dots

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’s ambition to remain a prime business location and primary regional economic force requires major investments in new i...

Going my way?

Via plane, ship, road, train and internet, Amsterdam’s modern-day logistics possibilities have done its forbearers proud.