Known for its extensive public transport network, the Amsterdam Area is easy to navigate. Outside of this network, you also have the option to get around using shared mobility solutions such as e-bikes, mopeds and cars. Shared mobility offers access to publicly- or privately-owned transportation to multiple users and is deemed an easy, quick and green alternative to private hire. Shared mobility services often work on a pay per use scheme or on the basis of a subscription.

Perfect for day to day use, services that offer shared bikes can be extremely useful for a rental of the bakfiets, the family-geared Dutch cargo bikes, or electric bikes for a fraction of the cost of owning them. Moped share services such as Felyx make navigation around the city fast and easy and, like many car services such as Greenwheels, either benefit from designated parking spots or a detailed map of available parking options.

To find all available mobility including bikes, mopeds and cars, browse the shared mobility offering in the Amsterdam Area on the municipality website and the regional mobility map or consult the list below. Keep in mind that for some shared mobility subscriptions, you’ll need a registered address in the Netherlands.

Shared bikes

Shared scooters and mopeds

Shared cars