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Image from Taxicentrale Amsterdam BV

Amsterdam taxis

Official taxis have blue license plates, an official sign on the roof and offer minimum quality standards set by the municipality.

Taxis vs. public transport

Taxis can be handy when travelling to and from the airport and late at night when the public transportation has stopped running. However, depending on the traffic during peak times, public transport may get you there even quicker.

What can you expect of Amsterdam taxis?

  • The taxi meter will always be turned on and you will receive a receipt after your journey. Keep this receipt as it contains important information about the trip and the taxi.
  • Taxi drivers must always accept short trips.
  • Taxi drivers must deliver you safely to your destination via the shortest/quickest route.
  • Official taxis always carry a roof light with the official taxxi [yes, double X] logo and are checked regularly by the municipality.
  • Not satisfied? If you have a bad experience, complaints can be made to or call 0900-202 1881 (between 09:00 and 17:00). To make a complaint, you need the number plate or taxi number, the date and the time of the journey. These are on your receipt.

Avoid unlicensed taxis at Schiphol 

Make sure you avoid taking one of the unlicensed, illegal taxis that operate at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. You can recognise licensed taxis by their blue number plates and roof lights with the official logo and the name of their operator (see image).

Transparent fees

All licensed taxi drivers in Amsterdam must keep to official fares. The total price paid per journey is calculated as follows:

Taxi car (maximum four passengers)

  • Boarding rate: € 3.36
  • Mileage rate: € 2.47
  • Time rate (per minute): € 0.41

Taxi bus (five to eight passengers)

  • Boarding rate: € 6.38
  • Mileage rate: € 3.11
  • Time rate (per minute): € 0.46

Waiting rate

  • € 43.94 per hour

When you reach your destination, the taxi meter will display the total and you will be offered a receipt detailing the complete fare.

Hailing a taxi

Because the city centre is a myriad of roads, lanes and footpaths, taxis cannot stop anywhere they like.This is  one of the reasons there are so many fixed taxi stands. View a map of Amsterdam's taxi-stand locations.

Official taxi operators in Amsterdam

  • Taxicentrale Amsterdam (TCA) (with online booking service) – 020 777 7777
  • Staxi (with online booking service) – 020 705 8888
  • Taxistad / Aemstel (with online booking service) – 020 208 0000
  • Taxi Direct Amsterdam (with online booking service) – 020 633 3333
  • TCS - 020-303 7200
  • Schipholtaxi, TCS and Cabbie (with online booking service) – 0900 900 6666
  • TAT (Stichting Take a Taxi)

Alternative taxis

It wouldn't be Amsterdam if there weren't a few quirky alternatives on offer. For example, try a Bike Taxi or a Disco Taxi. Or to make an impression, book a horse & carriage.

Taxis from and to Schiphol Airport

Special taxi services

Find official information on Amsterdam’s taxis on the website.