Parking Student Hotel
Is your destination close to the Student Hotel (Amsterdam East)? In that case you can park at ParkBee Student Hotel. It's an affordable parking garage at the Tripolis. Visit the website for more information.

Enter the garage with the Parkmobile or Park-line app
Bee in the know: whether you’re in the city to work or play, now you can find premium locations for not-so-premium prices.
Barriers can be opened by the tap of an app (Park-line or ParkMobile). Like magic, but better.

#Keepyourcitymoving with ParkBee
Use ParkBee to discover parking locations that were previously hidden to you. Our streets are getting fuller, while there’s unlocked parking potential within office buildings, apartments buildings and even public car parks. ParkBee keeps your city moving by getting cars off the streets and opening up new parking opportunities to you. Make optimal use of space. Limit the hassle of parking and Keep Your City Moving.