ARCO Amsterdam Light Festival copyright Janus van den Eijnden You’ll find ‘ARCO’ near the NEMO Science Museum: an arch-shaped shroud of light and projections. This work by the Austrian artist Teresa Mar consists of a semi-abstract composition of thoughts and events that all relate to Amsterdam in some way. The panoramic images form a kaleidoscopic film presenting glimpses of happiness, love and daily life in the city. From a distance ‘ARCO’ resembles a huge dome of glittering light, but as you approach, the images become apparent. With the reflection of the digital projection on open water, the work presents an enchanting image. See it at: Oosterdok, opposite NEMO Science Museum Location on the map: 3


Amsterdam Light Festival 2016 Blueprint Reier Pos Janus van den Eijnden Once you’ve seen ‘Blueprint’ by Reier Pos, you’ll never look at Het Scheepvaartmuseum in the same way again. The ten-minute light animation envelops the building in a futuristic projection that reveals its internal ‘blueprint’. Standing straight in front of ‘Blueprint’, it seems as if a giant artist is busy sketching and redesigning the building. A wonderful viewpoint to pause for a moment and to watch the skeleton of the façade being painted by laser beams. See it at: Het Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam Location on the map: 4

What’s he building in there

Amsterdam Light Festival 2016 What's he building in there Laurent de Wolf This puzzling light installation by Laurent de Wolf is perhaps less grand, but not any less intriguing than the previous ones. ‘What’s he building in there’ comes to life at night, showing an apartment with the silhouette of a man moving behind a window. The projection plays on our insatiable curiosity about other people’s lives, and gives peeping toms an excuse to peep to their heart’s content – and to let their imagination do the rest. See it at: Herengracht, at Jonas Daniël Meijerplein Location the map: 7/J

Rhizome House

Amsterdam Light Festival 2016 Rhizome House DP Architects As the title suggests, ‘Rhizome House’ by DP Architects is inspired by the rhizome, which is the botanical name for a subterranean root-like complex. This light-emitting art work isn’t just a magnified representation of such a complex, but also offers a fascinating opportunity to actually crawl through the twisting roots. Those who dare await a pleasant surprise: this interactive installation reacts to the presence of visitors by changing colour. See it at: Amstel, near Hermitage Amsterdam Location on the map: 8/C


amsterdam-light-festival-nexus-viktor-vicsek As a stranger in a city harbouring 180 nationalities, the Hungarian artist Viktor Vicsek wondered what Amsterdam looks like behind the tourist screens. This resulted in the enormous light sculpture ‘Nexus’, which playfully represents the connection between existing and new inhabitants of Amsterdam. This impressive work consists of  200 curved and coloured light tubes gracefully dancing through the air. See it at: Amstelsluizen Location the map: 9/D


Amsterdam Light Festival 2016 Lightwaves Janus van den Eijnde Sea sparkles are bioluminescent organisms that congregate in summer and light up the Dutch coastline. The interactive installation ‘Lightwaves’ by Jólan van der Wiel and architectural office Benthem Crouwel Architects mimics the behaviour of these organisms. Whenever the wind blows, the 3300 LED lamps are activated and the shroud of light begins to sparkle. Since the art work is responsive to the (always unpredictable) Dutch weather, it presents a different sight each time. So that’s a good excuse to regularly stroll along the Amstel in the weeks ahead! See it at: Amstel river, on the corner of Herengracht Location on the map: 11/B

A Window in Time

Amsterdam Light Festival 2016 A Window in Time For ‘A Window in Time’, the Dutch collective Motion Paintings developed special software to bring old photographs to life.  The dynamic installation is fitted with LED spot lights and different coloured layers that combine to produce moving images of Amsterdam, throughout the ages. Tip: this visual experience can be enjoyed both day and night; at dusk the image changes, so it presents a surprise each time you pass by! See it at Stadsarchief Amsterdam - De Bazel Location on the map: 14

Flower Strip

Amsterdam Light Festival 2016 Flower Strip Aether Hemera While the countryside around Amsterdam abounds with fields of flowers in spring, in winter there’s barely a flower to be spotted. Fortunately, ‘Flower Strip’ by Aether & Hemera offers some relief. This work consists of a stroke of 198 luminescent  coloured flowers, bobbing on the water. The result is a surrealistic scene, straight from some wintertime fairy tale. See it at: Herengracht, near Ambassade Hotel Location on the map: 17

The Lace

Amsterdam Light Festival 2016 The Lace Choi Shine Architects copyright Janus van den Eijnden The giant light sculpture ‘The Lace’ by Choi+Shine Architects consists of 18 panels woven manually by 9 people. In total, the work consists of 33,000 metres of reflecting cable, weighing 650 kilos in all. This suspended installation depicts the traditional northern Dutch lace cap, to symbolise the cultural melting pot of Amsterdam. It is an impressive sight, both from a street-level and water-level perspective. See it at: Herengracht, between Raadhuisstraat and Leliegracht Location on the map: 18

Welcome to my (home)town

Amsterdam Light Festival 2016 Welcome to my home (town) Lighting Design Academy copyright Janus van den Eijnden Nothing is what it seems; the art work ‘Welcome to my (home)town’ is a case in point. At first sight these houses seem three-dimensional, but as you approach you discover there’s an optical illusion at play. Seen from a different angle, the art work turns out to consist of a two-dimensional plane of illuminated line. It all depends on your perspective! See it at: Herengracht, between Vijzelstraat and Reguliersgracht Location on the map: 13

Amsterdam Light Festival map

See below for a guide to the locations of the artworks around the city. Head to the Amsterdam Light Festival website for the full, interactive version of the map. Amsterdam Light Festival Map Find out more about this year's Amsterdam Light Festival and book your tour.