Things to Come Nature Strikes Back

With the annually recurring science program Things to Come, the society of today and the future is looked at from the imagination. During this edition of the festival, the central theme is: Nature Strikes Back! In this program (climate) scientists, futurologists and film-makers compare the disaster scenarios from eco-horror and cli-fi (climate fiction) with the frighteningly changing climate in our reality. It's not just about how realistic those scenarios actually are: science fiction lends itself to using the imagination and sketching alternative future scenarios. For this programme, Imagine collaborates with, among others, the magazine New Scientist and SPUI 25.

Imagine Expanded: Film, Games and VR

Imagine Expanded fuses fantastic stories and worlds across platforms, film, games and VR. Level Up is a showcase with publicly playable demos of the latest independently produced Dutch and Flemish games. In addition to the makers, various (inter)national guests will be present. This year we will also present the Imagine VR award for the best VR experience from the international competition.

Check out the Imagine Film Festival website for more information.