More than paintings

The museum is also home to exceptional research facilities , enriching our knowledge of Van Gogh's life, how he worked, and offering visitors a glimpse into the ongoing conservation process.

Vincent van Gogh in Amsterdam

A visit to the Van Gogh Museum is a unique and inspiring experience for residents and tourists. In addition to Van Gogh's recognizable Post-Impressionist works, such as his landscapes, self-portraits and still lifes - ' Sunflowers ' in particular - the museum also offers the opportunity to explore the artist's development and compare his paintings with other 19th-century paintings. artists. The collection includes works by the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists, by artists who inspired Vincent van Gogh or who were influenced by him, and by his friends and contemporaries.

Exceptional exhibitions and concepts

The museum was expanded in 1999 and completely renovated in 2013. It thus remains a unique place for the exceptional works of Van Gogh and the impressive temporary exhibitions . The new entrance on the Museumplein is a modern and attractive entrance that responds better to the large number of visitors. In recent years, major exhibitions have been featured in the museum, featuring masterpieces by Van Gogh's peers such as Gauguin, Munch, Malevich, Kandinsky and Vallotton. Please note that you will be sure of your visit to the museum, then here you timeslot ticket. If you have questions about ticket sales, take a look at the frequently asked questions