From Oud Zuilen to Breukelen

The Vecht begins in Oud Zuilen, famous for the impressive Slot Zuylen Castle, and further along the river you’ll find Maarssen. Surrounded by country estates, this town is often referred to as ‘little Amsterdam’ thanks to the magnificent river-side houses at its centre. Another monument-packed town is Breukelen, a town with a name that’s known as far away as the United States. Breukelen became Brooklyn after Dutch immigrants settled there in the 17th century.

From Nieuwersluis to Nigtevecht

Delve into the military history of Nieuwersluis before enjoying the laid-back pace of life in Loenen and Vreeland: two perfectly preserved towns featuring centuries-old buildings, charming drawbridges and a unique atmosphere. Both towns have working flourmills, which open to the public on Saturdays. At the northerly point of the Vecht is Nigtevecht, a picturesque town with a 16th-century church and monumental houses.