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Kids crafting during Keti Koti Festival 2022 in the Oosterpark.
Image from Jan de Ridder

Family-friendly festivals in Amsterdam

The most successful outings are those that tick boxes for everyone. With that in mind, here are a few of our favourite grown-up Amsterdam festivals that are brilliantly suitable for the minis.

King's Day - 27 April

Koningsdag or King's Day is a national holiday in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Celebrated on 27 April, the date marks the birth of King Willem-Alexander. 

Celebrations: Kings day family with a cargo bike wearing orange costumes, flea markets.
Image from Cris Toala Olivares

No mention of Amsterdam festivals is complete without referencing The Big K, which kids absolutely love. Let them discover the joys of selling their wares at the vrijmarkt - a city-wide street market and then spending all their earnings (and more) on replacing them with pre-loved delights. Then move into Vondelpark, where they can create or participate in games and contests, bake and sell cookies or perform for the crowds. For more tips on how to enjoy the day, have a read of our dedicated guide to King's Day

Rolling Kitchens - May

Rollende Keukens food festival kids playing
Image from Rollende Keukens

Roll up roll up for food trucks galore. There’s something for everyone, including the pickiest of palettes at Rollende Keukens (Rolling Kitchens), an unmissable foodie fest in Westerpark, packed with snacks from the Netherlands’ finest mobile eateries. Lose hours walking around with the little ones, sampling everything from noodles to tapas and BBQ dishes. Sample a little of everything from the festival-sized smorgasbord and dine under the sun or stars – the event runs into the evening. As well as the fantastic array of cuisines, live bands perform to exuberant crowds.

Hemeltjelief - May

Head across the River IJ on Ascension Day for Hemeltjelief - a magical festival packed with family delights. The NDSM Wharf becomes a fairy-tale forest full of bands, DJs and entertainment with 'Gnomes and Leprechauns under 12' admitted for free. Expect music and magic, cats and curiosities, bears and dens and bubbles, as well as lots of big kids enjoying playing at being little kids.

Amsterdam Roots - June

World music, circus, dance, theatre, and visual arts take centre stage in Oosterpark each year when the Amsterdam Roots festival comes to town. As well as a broad and accessible music programme, you'll find a dedicated children's stage, kids' workshops and an extensive circus programme. The organisers pride themselves on having an incredibly varied audience spanning all ages and backgrounds. 

De Parade - August

Image from Sofie Simao

The Netherlands’ much-loved travelling theatre festival, De Parade, hits Amsterdam with open-air performances, colourful fairground tents, mysterious happenings, a carousel and food that ranges from small bites to banquets. Harking back to the carnivals and travelling caravan theatres of old, this fantastic festival, which visits four of the Netherlands' biggest cities, ends every year with a spectacular finale in Martin Luther King Park. For little ones, activities kick off in the afternoon with costume-making, poffertjes-baking or the chance to have a go at carpentry and painting. Then, steer the restless boogie-babies towards the Silent Disco for a big dance-off. The theatre tents are also a must-visit with a complete kids programme.

Other ideas

Kids at Cinekid childrens film festival
Image from Max Kneefel

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