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Who we are

We are amsterdam&partners. Until 1 March 2019, we were called Amsterdam Marketing. We were formed in 2013 from a merger of the Amsterdam Uitburo, Amsterdam Partners, the Amsterdam Tourist Office and the Amsterdam Conference Office. Our role has changed a lot over the years. Sometimes this happened in response to developments in the city, the metropolitan area and the world around us. But more often we have changed in anticipation of these developments. Amsterdam and the region are growing. More people want to live, work and study here, more businesses are moving here, more people are visiting.

This dynamic environment calls for a new approach. That means our role, our field and our day-to-day work are changing, too. We are no longer talking about ‘city marketing’. It’s now more about improving the city’s reputation and influencing people’s behaviour by guiding different target groups to places that are less well-known. And about applying a comprehensive strategy to manage the environment around us. We’re thinking about maintaining the right balance between liveability and prosperity; about sustainability and social responsibility; about maximising advantages and minimising disadvantages. About an integrated approach that centres on residents while also offering a warm welcome to visitors. Our focus is on better rather than more, quality not quantity. All these changes call for a new name – a name that reflects the dynamic environment we’re working in, the sharper focus of our role and aims, and our rapidly expanding network of contacts and partners. A name that more closely suits and expresses what we stand for.

We have a new name but our promise to the city and the metropolitan area remains unchanged: we actively contribute to a liveable, attractive and prosperous metropolis. A city where economic development doesn’t come at the cost of liveability.

We continue to work hard on improving Amsterdam’s reputation. Actively managing Amsterdam’s image plays a key role in engaging and securing the commitment of the residents, businesses and visitors that enrich the city.

We have nearly 150 keen members of staff who are dedicated to their work for the city and the surrounding area. We cooperate with 32 municipalities in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, two provinces and 1,050 private, public and cultural partners in our network, plus other cities such as The Hague and Leiden.

What we do

Our activities are all aimed at guiding residents, businesses and visitors in order to strengthen Amsterdam’s reputation and to contribute to its liveability. By working structurally to boost Amsterdam’s reputation and image, we help to make it a region where people enjoy living, working and spending their free time.


amsterdam&partners’ main activities are:

  • Building and strengthening Amsterdam’s reputation
  • Guiding residents through the city’s culture, entertainment and amenities
  • Promoting active participation among residents in culture, sports and leisure activities
  • Guiding and more widely distributing visitors
  • Facilitating conferences
  • Securing the commitment of companies to the city and stimulating the exchange of knowledge in the business world
  • Playing an intermediary role between stakeholders and partners to benefit the city and find solutions to challenges
  • Conducting research and analysis, and providing advice
  • Initiating and stimulating marketing innovation and product development
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise

Target groups

amsterdam&partners conducts its activities in the interest of the entire metropolitan area. Our primary target groups are residents, visitors and businesses.


Amsterdam has been a popular city for centuries. The number of visitors is constantly growing, and more and more people want to live, work or study here. We need to find a new balance, putting the focus on residents while continuing to be welcoming to visitors.

With the familiar I amsterdam branding, we provide residents with a guide to the varied and vibrant attractions of the city and wider region. We also entice Amsterdammers to explore their own city, brimming with cultural activities, cafes and restaurants, music venues large and small, theatres, parks, nature areas, sports facilities, fashion and festivals. All the while we zoom in on the lesser-known parts of well-known areas and the many hidden gems in up-and-coming neighbourhoods.

We encourage people to discover Amsterdam and the region. This connects Amsterdammers with the city and each other and boosts our sense of pride.

Via our various communication channels, we present the huge variety of things to do for everyone in Amsterdam.

  • We provide a guide to the city’s culture and entertainment in the Uitkrant and the I amsterdam Magazine; on and, on our social media channels @iamsterdam and the Uitmail mailing list; visibly around the city in our /uit campaign, the Uitmarkt and the 24H/Discover your neighbourhood events; and at the I amsterdam Store at Amsterdam Central Station. We also sell tickets at
  • We have developed Goochem, a chatbot guide to what’s on in Amsterdam. We will also be using artificial intelligence to expand applications and provide better recommendations to help people choose between various options.
  • We have special communication channels for residents who don’t speak Dutch and for students. We produce a blog with tips for cultural activities where language isn’t an issue, and a website to help international residents find their way (in the broadest sense).

Amsterdam has a broad appeal – many people are drawn by its open and tolerant atmosphere, and this isn’t going to change. The city’s popularity brings many benefits, but there’s also a downside. This means that the issues we need to address as an organisation are changing.

Liveability is one of these issues. In a first move to tackle nuisances caused by overcrowding and irresponsible behaviour, our Enjoy & Respect campaign focuses on raising awareness and influencing conduct. This is a topic we are handling in cooperation with the City of Amsterdam, the police, transport providers and partners in the leisure sector.

Through our extensive network, we identify developments that affect the city and region. We approach partners to set up task forces to consider possible solutions for these issues, drawing on the strength and expertise of our contacts.


Amsterdam has to plan for a continuing increase in the number of visitors to the city. Our activities concentrate on managing this growth. We’re putting a greater emphasis on guiding both national and international visitors to the city’s hidden gems and lesser-known areas, to the neighbourhoods and the wider metropolitan area. We’re concentrating on making Amsterdam bigger: expanding the focus away from the city centre to the metropolis as a whole and guiding and more evenly distributing our visitors.

Under the I amsterdam umbrella, we present the full breadth of Amsterdam and the region. Via our Dutch and English channels, we build Amsterdam’s reputation and guide both national and international visitors in choosing from the vast and diverse collection of culture, entertainment and amenities that the city’s neighbourhoods have to offer, as well as places of interest throughout the metropolitan area.

To reach our visitors optimally, we use different means of communication: and social media, our I amsterdam Magazine, the neighbourhood guides, and maps. We receive visitors in person at our three locations: the I amsterdam Store behind Amsterdam Central Station, and our I amsterdam Visitor Centres at Schiphol Airport and on Stationsplein in front of Central Station.

We showcase the neighbourhoods and the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area in specific, integrated campaigns: the Neighbourhood Campaign and Amsterdam Area. These campaigns highlight the activities and places of interest in specific neighbourhoods and in various locations around the metropolitan area. We present a bigger picture of Amsterdam to stimulate a wider distribution of visitors.


A city’s reputation is a major consideration for businesses who are choosing a location, and the same goes for their employees. In partnership with universities and industry, we are building a sustainable reputation for Amsterdam and the region as a location for business and investment. At the same time, we consider carefully what companies and talent are able to contribute to the city and region.

We introduce Amsterdam and the region to companies, talents, start-ups and scale-ups via our communication channels. The stories, pictures and videos on and the social media channels show the city from different perspectives and are an important source of information. The same goes for our business magazine AMS.

This broad view of Amsterdam helps these people and companies to make a carefully chosen decision when they choose where to live, work or locate their offices.

Amsterdam is also a major host city for meetings and conferences. Not only do they benefit the city economically, but even more importantly, they stimulate the exchange of knowledge and establish connections among companies and organisations.

We present Amsterdam as a venue for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) in our magazine MICEdition. We also work with our MICE partners and the City of Amsterdam in attracting major conferences such as the International AIDS Conference in 2018, ensuring added value for Amsterdam and the region.