Life in Amsterdam

Immerse yourself in everything that makes Amsterdam great: its rich cultural heritage, high quality of life and dynamic economy.

Culture and history in Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam can look back on a long and interesting history, and today it prides itself on a rich cultural life and a diverse population. This is illustrated by the fact that the city's districts and neighbourhoods are hugely varied – each has its own character.

Essentials for life in Amsterdam

History & society

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam John Lewis Marshall
Learn more about Amsterdam's history and modern-day society.

Practical information

Amsterdam Parade festival Joep van Aert
From public holidays to phoning home, browse through this practical advice on Amsterdam.

People & culture

Meet and learn about Amsterdam's citizens.

Living in the Amsterdam Area

Find out what it's like to live in the Amsterdam region. Each area has a unique character, various types of housing, access to international schools and is just a short journey from Amsterdam city centre.

Amsterdam neighbourhoods

Delve further into the individual neighbourhoods around Amsterdam from a local perspective. A lively selection of restaurants, cultural venues and parks can be found in each city district.

My Amsterdam

Meet the internationals that made Amsterdam their home.

Move to the Amsterdam Area in 10 steps

Amsterdam de Pijp CC BY 2.0 Moyen Brenn via Flickr
Follow our handy guide to getting started in the Netherlands in just 10 easy steps.

Getting around

Amsterdam tram Central Station Damrak
Make your way around the city by bike, public transport, car or boat.