When giving gifts to foodie friends, look no further than Amsterdam, whose cuisine is as rich as the culture – a winning combination for gift giving. The following gifts for food lovers are all available from theI amsterdam Store in Amsterdam Central Station. More in the mood for some online shopping? Be sure to check out our brand new I amsterdam webshop.

Stadsplank wooden cutting board

Own a real piece of the city with a Stadsplank, a cutting board made with wood from an actual tree felled in Amsterdam. Each simple but sleek cutting board is engraved with the location of where the tree once stood along with its species, such as beech wood from the Amsterdamse Bos or oak from Vondelpark. The cutting boards are limited edition, as each tree can produce just 100 boards – a perfect gift for foodies who love unique conversation pieces.

Stadsplank cutting board, € 35–55, I amsterdam Store


Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate

The famous Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars, created to counter the chocolate producers still involved in slave labour in the production of cocoa, is not just one of the most ethical chocolate producers— it’s also one of the most creative. Indulgent flavours such as dark pecan coconut, milk chocolate caramel sea salt, as well as limited-edition special flavours such as dark cherry meringue, are just a sample of some of its treats made sustainably and ethically in the Netherlands.

Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars, € 1.25–3.79, I amsterdam Store

El Jefe hot sauce

Foodies will love the unusual combination of two cultures with this line of Dutch-made Mexican-style salsa, mixed up and bottled right in Amsterdam. El Jefe offers its salsa in a number of flavours, including salsa verde and roasted chili salsa in red and orange, as well as a rich backstory that tells the tale of its “flavour of the revolution”.

El Jefe salsa, € 4.99–5.99, I amsterdam Store

El Jefe salsa

Pindakaaswinkel peanut butter

You won’t hear anybody saying “helaas, pindakaas” when enjoying the purity of peanut butter from the Pindakaaswinkel. Founded by a farmer’s son who wanted something beyond simple flavours (and no additives), the Pindakaaswinkel opened in the Eastern Docklands area of Amsterdam and has since become a favourite of the city. Offering flavours such as caramel sea salt, date and cinnamon, and white chocolate, the shop has plenty of peanut butter to choose from to satisfy a sweet tooth and surprise expert palates.

Pindakaaswinkel peanut butter, € 4.95–5.95, I amsterdam Store


City living means a lively atmosphere in which there is always something to do, see and eat, but all that fun comes at a price – private outdoor space. But if your food-loving friends have balconies like many city apartments, they can transform their space into a private outdoor eating area with a view. The Balkonbar comprises sustainable wood planks and specially made fittings, which can be easily installed onto any balcony railing to instantly create a space to enjoy coffee in the morning, wine in the evening or a romantic dinner for two.

Balkonbar, €64.95, I amsterdam Store


Find these gifts at the I amsterdam Store at Central Station.