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Young at heart with Joyce & Nicole

Amsterdammers are growing more and more apart. Everyone is in their own bubble. That's why we had 2 Amsterdammers, who seem to have nothing in common, meet each other. Yet they seem to have more in common than they think.

This meeting is between volunteer Joyce Sleeswijk (67), on the left in the photo, and Nicole Grootveld (54), host at advertising agency Selmore and cook.

What did you think of the meeting?

Nicole: 'When I saw Joyce, I thought: we have nothing in common. She has five children, I have no children. As we talked more, we realised that we actually have a lot in common.'

Joyce: 'The connection was mainly based on our love for food, cooking, and dancing. We both are absolutely crazy about it. I found it incredibly fun and surprising.'

What do you like to do in your free time?

Joyce: 'I absolutely love dancing, so I really enjoy going to concerts. In the past, it wasn't easy because I have five children. Now that they are adults, I have more time for myself. I love meeting new people the most. That's why I often go to Neighbourhood Centre NoLimit. They regularly organise concerts and events. I recently went to a Senior Disco there.'

Nicole: 'Cooking, dining out, going to the sauna or a museum, I enjoy it all equally, but I can't imagine a life without music. Music is emotion. I can get lost in it. When I want to meditate, I go to a dance floor. When I'm surrounded by all those people, I am truly very happy.'

How do you convince someone who has never been to a concert or stood on a dance floor?

Joyce: 'Sometimes I have free tickets and I sign people up. That way, I managed to convince them to go out instead of staying indoors. The city also hands out city passes. I've pointed this out to people and explained how they can get tickets with them. As a result, people go out more and meet new people.'

Nicole: 'I'm not a fan of convincing people myself. If they don't want to, they don't want to. You shouldn't put me in a brown pub either. But if I have to convince people, I try to tell them about my own experiences. And some people have come along once and stayed.'

In the anniversary year Amsterdam 750, there's plenty to do in the city. What are you looking forward to the most?

Nicole: 'The Oasis of Wonder in Ruigoord, an artist village in the Western Harbour area. Amsterdam is quite tidy, but this place is not. Here you can still find many artists together.'

Joyce: 'For me, ON-GANS is something to look forward to, a story about an injured goose. The most important thing about Amsterdam 750 to me is that there should be things that everyone can do. It's not too expensive and interesting for all ages. A free opera in public space ticks all the boxes!'