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My Mokum's paradise with Toos & Thierry

Amsterdammers are increasingly growing apart. Everyone is in their own bubble. That's why we let 2 Amsterdammers, who seem to have nothing in common, meet each other. Yet they seem to have more in common than they think.

This meeting is between retiree Toos van der Made (79), pictured on the left, and student Thierry Pereira (18).

What did you think of the meeting?

Toos: 'I found it delightful to talk with such a passionate youngster. I thought the smartlap was dying out, but that turns out not to be true at all. The new generation is showing up! When he started telling me about his grandpa, I knew why we were matched.'

Thierry: 'I enjoyed it! Toos is a very sweet and nice woman. I had no idea she also sang. That surprised me, but I think it's fantastic. And I like that she was also surprised that I knew all the songs from her time. Maybe I will join her choir, together with my grandfather.'

What do you like to do in your free time?

Thierry: Obviously, I prefer to sit comfortably at Café Nol. They play great music there. I don't drink alcohol, so I rely on the music. It's so much fun to go there with friends and sing along. The atmosphere is really lovely."

Toos: 'I also really enjoy singing along in a café. Across the street from me, there's Café De Amstel. A truly Amsterdam café where every 14 days you can even sing something yourself on stage.'

How do you convince someone who has never been to Café Nol or Café De Amstel?

Thierry: 'I have a girlfriend who doesn't like smartlappen and big crowds. I just took her to Café Nol. I knew there was a quiet spot where you could sit. Once she was there, she thought it was fantastic.'

Toos: 'I myself am part of the Amsterdams Volkskoor. When I perform with them, I always find it very easy to convince people to come and watch us. I think it's because I tell it so enthusiastically. That's when people get curious.'

In the year Amsterdam 750's anniversary, there is plenty to do in the city. What are you most looking forward to?

Thierry: 'The musical Onze Jordaan, I will definitely go there with my grandpa. It seems like a very nice musical. Especially with the music of, among others, Willy Alberti.'

Toos: 'Our Jordaan. Without a doubt. A musical full of authentic Jordanese songs. Then, you see how people interacted with each other. Especially the love they had for each other, a true family that belongs together. I am really looking forward to it.'