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Proud of who you are with Heisa Jynx & Raven

Amsterdammers are increasingly growing apart. Everyone is in their own bubble. That's why we had two Amsterdammers, who seem to have nothing in common, meet each other. Yet they seem to have more in common than they think.

This encounter is between drag queen Heisa Jynx (41), pictured on the left, and Raven Kooren (25), event manager and programmer.

What did you think of the meeting?

Raven: 'It was very interesting to get to know Heisa Jynx. We have a lot in common: we both started spinning at the same gym and have the same ideas about nightlife.'

Heisa Jynx: 'What I have learned from this meeting is that the queer bubble is bigger than just my own bubble. My personal environment is extravagant and provides entertainment without complications, while Raven's events have a more political message and focus more on the community. Perhaps that's something to consider for my projects.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Raven: ‘On weekends and evenings, I prefer to party. I don't necessarily go to specific places, but I go more to a specific kind of party such as Spielraum, Lofi, and of course, the party that I organise myself: YEREYERE.’

Heisa Jynx: 'During my performances, I am always very outgoing, so I often take it easy in my free time. Except during Queer & Pride Amsterdam. This event is very important to me, both personally and professionally. The decreasing acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community makes Queer & Pride more important than ever.'

How do you convince someone who has never been to a party or Queer & Pride event to go?

Heisa Jynx: 'People often say: life begins outside your comfort zone. Queer & Pride is an accessible way to connect with our community. We colour with all kinds of colours and there is something for everyone, but above all, there is a lot of love and acceptance.'

Raven: 'The places I visit often offer more than just music. There are places where you can talk with your friends, meet new people, and where you can retreat for a while. It's wonderful to alternate between dancing and music.'

In the anniversary year of Amsterdam 750, a lot is happening in the city. What are you most looking forward to?

Heisa Jynx: ‘I am very interested in the Freethinkers Festival. The theme is queer capital of the world. Amsterdam has always been the gay capital of the world but is now in 13th place... So that will be a very interesting conversation.’

Raven: 'The party on the A10. As I said before, I love going out and dance. I find parties in unique locations particularly great. You often see it during Amsterdam Dance Event: parties in offices, a car park or a church. Such a special location often adds an extra dimension to the party.'