Close networks

In Amsterdam, all relevant contacts are close at hand, and a wide network of internationally orientated service providers offer companies a competitive edge. We connect people and businesses in key sectors to our ecosystem and invite them to grow with us. We love to connect on a personal level but also excel as a logistic hub, on- and offline.

Social and business connections

More than 3,000 international companies have invested in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and chosen to become part of our long history as a successful business hub and leading centre of trade. Amsterdam also is the place to be for startups and has always been a natural testbed for innovations. Throughout the city, fresh and disruptive ideas are encouraged, nurtured and then scaled into real international businesses. Nurturing this growth, the city is home to an impressive ecosystem of accelerators, incubators and high-ranking knowledge institutions.

Talent in Amsterdam

Be it a multinational corporate or a fledgling startup, businesses rely on online and offline networks and the availability of talent. That’s why we connect people and businesses to our ecosystem. People from all over the world are attracted to the liveability and quality of life found throughout the region, resulting in a strong international workforce; in addition, Amsterdam is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. The city is home to 180 different nationalities, and 90% of Amsterdam residents speak English, making it easy to do European and worldwide business.