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2AE4KGB Young office workers at the business hub Amsterdam South (Zuidas) in Amsterdam, Netherlands, close to Schiphol Airport.
Image from Ralph Rozema

Why choose Amsterdam for business?

Businesses in Amsterdam benefit from being in an innovative environment for technology, finance, science, sustainability and more. An unrivalled quality of life, excellent connectivity and a passion for ethical and sustainable initiatives makes Amsterdam a great choice for international companies.

Innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship

Amsterdam is known internationally as the free-thinking city of canals, bikes, and tulips. When it comes to business, it's defined by innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. This DNA, along with the region’s dedication to sustainability and social value, creates the ideal place to successfully start or expand your business.

Amsterdam has a long history of innovation. The world’s first stock exchange opened here in 1602, and was the home of the very first publicly traded company. Today, the city continues to break new ground. It’s home to the Netherlands’ most powerful supercomputer and the European Medicines Agency, as well as the world’s first accelerator for sustainable fashion. It’s a city where scientific conferences can easily mix with visionary startups, and unique collaborations push the boundaries of traditional industries.

Image from Courtesy of NEP Group

Forward-thinking industries

Within Amsterdam’s business districts and specialised hubs, crossovers and collaborations are frequent. World-leading finance and tech companies benefit from transparent regulations and digitally advanced consumers looking for smarter user experiences. Excellence within academia and research inspires a thriving life sciences and health sector, galvanised by the possibilities of AI. Greener ways of living are explored by sustainable creative industries, while the city’s emissions and circularity targets are giving rise to a dynamic cleantech market. 

Sustainability. Two women in a lab growth environment
Image from Rogier Chang

Global talent

To turn innovative ideas into reality, businesses can count on a steady supply of skilled talent. Alongside a highly educated local workforce, various incentives and visa schemes make international recruitment easy. People from all over the world are attracted to the quality of life found throughout the region. The Dutch capital is a magnet for tech talent, boasting a talent pool of over 250,000 tech professionals. Its growing and active community of tech lovers are from all backgrounds, whether founders, UXers, growth hackers or developers. Plus, Amsterdam's high rate of English fluency means that internationals can assimilate easily. The city is also home to Europe's only fully English speaking court, highlighting the ease of doing worldwide business in Amsterdam.

Four people at table with laptops in coworking space.
Image from StartupAmsterdam

Connections are quick and convenient

With its small scale and welcoming international culture, connections are quickly made at home and abroad. There are currently more than 3500 international companies in the Amsterdam Area, plus almost 2,000 startups and scale-ups. Convenient connections by land, water and air – as well as super fast internet speeds – make the region a prime location in Europe for businesses to sustainably extend their reach. With this, Amsterdam is one of the world’s largest internet hubs. With a network of high-speed trains to European cities as well as the 327 destinations served by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, which is itself just a 15-minute train ride from the city centre, the possibilities are endless.