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Amsterdam top rankings

Every year, Amsterdam tops different rankings from smart mobility and connectivity to sustainability and language proficiency. Let the facts and figures speak for themselves. This is how Amsterdam ranks globally as a conference destination:

#1 most popular Dutch meetings destination

ICCA Country and City Rankings for 2023 compile a global ranking of destination’s performance in attracting international conferences. As the most popular Dutch destination, Amsterdam placed 13th globally with 84 meetings in 2023. The Netherlands secured the 8th position worldwide with 304 meetings while also claiming the 6th spot in the European rankings.


#2 direct connectivity and hub connectivity

Airports Council International (ACI) Europe publishes the Airport Industry Connectivity Report yearly. Amsterdam took the #2 spot in 2023 and has been a top performer throughout the pandemic, ranking #4 for global hub connectivity.

#2 for Urban Mobility Readiness

In a study of 60 global cities’ readiness for the future of mobility, Amsterdam ranked 2nd overall in 2023. The city excels in areas such as infrastructure, innovation, and social impact, placing second globally as a leader in the sustainable mobility sub-index. The report acknowledges Amsterdam as a model for other cities to emulate, thanks to its extensive cycling infrastructure, efficient public transport system, and commitment to smart mobility solutions for a more resilient future.


#1 proficiency in English

The Netherlands ranks #1 in Europe and worldwide with very high proficiency in the English language, according to a global survey. The high level of English proficiency in the Netherlands is attributed to various factors, such as the widespread use of English in education, business, and daily life, making it an ideal destination for international talent and business professionals.

#3 world’s highest scientific impact

Elsevier’s comparative research report of 20 global cities has found research from Amsterdam has the third highest scientific impact in the world. The city particularly excels in Life Sciences and Health research, including neuroscience and psychology. Amsterdam's research ecosystem, including universities, hospitals, and knowledge institutions, has positioned the city as a leading hub for scientific excellence and innovation.


#1 most sustainable European city

Ranking over 50 cities based on 13 equally weighted environmental policies, Schroders European Sustainable Cities index covers subjects like renewable energy, cleaner public transport, electric vehicle charging, single-use plastic, air quality, climate plans, carbon neutrality goals and waste policy. Amsterdam secured the #1 position in 2021.

#10 most sustainable city globally

The Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index recognizes Amsterdam as the tenth most sustainable city globally. Out of 100 cities evaluated based on 'planet', 'people', and 'profit' factors, Amsterdam emerged as a standout all-around performer. It secured the tenth spot for 'people', showcasing its commitment to social factors, while ranking #14 for 'planet' by excelling in environmental aspects such as energy usage and emissions. Additionally, Amsterdam claimed the 25th position for 'profit', highlighting its strong performance in economic and business factors.

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