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Idealistic entrepreneurs will find a home in Amsterdam. The city is full of big ideas and has an inspiring, innovative and active ecosystem for social enterprises. Amsterdam Impact will guide you through it, support you and offer you the tools you need to get going.

Get involved and change the world

Join Amsterdam’s impact revolution: we can help you explore the city’s accelerators, incubators, impact events, hubs, research institutes, investors and initiatives by the City of Amsterdam. An ecosystem map will help you find your way. You can also gain insights in the news and features section, find your connections at impact events or contact Amsterdam Impact.

About social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship, also known as impact entrepreneurship, means combining doing business with making a positive impact on society. Being a social entrepreneur demands business acumen, innovation and creativity – all characteristics typical for Amsterdam and its business and startup ecosystems. This film has more information, or watch our video testimonials here. You could also experience this firsthand by visiting socially-conscious stores and restaurants in various neighbourhoods around the city, follow these bike routes to get started.

What is Amsterdam Impact?

Amsterdam Impact is an initiative by the City of Amsterdam that makes sure social businesses are getting the help and guidance they deserve. The City actively supports social entrepreneurship and launched an action programme known as Amsterdam Impact, resulting in an objective guide to Amsterdam’s impact ecosystem.

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Impact updates

  • New initiative: The Impact Days

    The cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht all run varied schemes to promote social enterprise and social purchasing. To raise awareness of social enterprise at local and national level, the four cities are now joining forces in a three-day campaign: The Impact Days. From 15 to 17 November, social enterprises, organisations and cities will run a range of activities for different target groups.

  • New ‘Fashion for Good’ museum to open in Amsterdam

    The new attraction aims to help visitors discover the stories behind their clothes and promote sustainability in the fashion sector.

  • Documentary series on business for a better world

    ‘Fix the World and Make Money’ may sound like a contradiction, but it’s actually the title of a new documentary series on companies around the world that are convinced there’s good money to be made out of making the world a better place. Each episode gives an insightful view into one of these companies, with products ranging from guilt-free diamonds made in the lab and spoons you can eat, to feminist pornography.

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