Creative industry in Amsterdam

More than 200,000 people work in the creative industries in the Amsterdam Area. They create the clothes we wear, the games we play and the adverts we can’t forget, and have helped the region develop an international reputation for creative excellence. 

  • Hosts a community of over 300 international creative companies

  • The third-largest exporter of TV formats in the world
  • Equipped with Europe's fastest broadband speeds
  • Home to world-famous fashion designers, top design schools and iconic brands
  • The location of Europe's 3rd-largest gaming market
  • Has a skilled, experienced and multilingual creative workforce

Amsterdam: a springboard for creative ideas

Innovation and creativity have long been part of what makes Amsterdam special. Leading advertising companies are present in the city, including 180 Kingsday, Wieden + Kennedy and 72andSunny, and campaigns for brands like Heineken and Nike are born here. The gaming industry is led by EA and Guerrilla, opportunities in music and app development abound, and the region’s media and broadcasting sector employs more than 15,000 people.

 The Amsterdam Area also has a collaborative spirit that makes it easy to partner up and bring dreams to life. Whether you need a composer to write a theme for a TV programme, a graphic designer to create a smart logo or a programmer for an app, you’ll find someone here who’s up to the task. New generations of talent are studying at local institutes of higher learning, which offer more than 30 programmes geared toward the creative industries.

Sustainable style is also making a mark and Amsterdam is home to more than 100 fashion houses, many of which reuse, recycle and upcycle existing materials. Fashion for Good, the world’s first museum dedicated to sustainable clothing, welcomes local and international visitors alike. Unique stores, collectives and industry leaders are also striving to protect the environment and emphasise the benefits of buying second-hand.  

Game-changing companies in Amsterdam benefit from a supportive ecosystem and initiatives like Plug and Play – Fashion for Good, an accelerator that provides startups with funding, office space and more. Need a new top or pair of jeans? Check out Project Cece. This Amsterdam-based website brings sustainable brands together for a one-stop ethical shopping experience and is expanding overseas. Patagonia’s European headquarters is located in the city as well, and the outdoor brand boldly says its primary mission is saving the planet.

Creativity is just like bicycles and canals – an intrinsic part of Amsterdam. Industries fuelled by imagination and passion will find everything needed to succeed here, whether it’s reliable broadband or stunning views that spur big ideas.

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