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Creative industry in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s high quality of life and a laid-back atmosphere attract talent and fuel creativity and ambition. It’s a cosmopolitan village and creative capital where international, award-winning ideas, fashion, design and campaigns come into being.

  • Home to 338 foreign creative companies
  • A multilingual, highly skilled creative workforce
  • Europe's fastest broadband speeds
  • An unparalleled work-life balance
  • Europe's 3rd-largest gaming market
  • 30% tax advantage for highly skilled migrants

Amsterdam: a springboard for creative ideas

Amsterdam has a long and illustrious history as a hotspot for innovations of all types. The city attracts creatives of all stripes, who find it easy to meet open-minded partners and cooperate across disciplines; as a result, creative industries such as advertising, TV, music, app development, and gaming are thriving – as is the city's bustling startup scene. Amsterdam is home to some of the world’s leading advertising companies, including 180, Wieden + Kennedy and 72andSunny as well as key players in the gaming industry EA and Guerrilla. These creative businesses of all stripes can afford your company the advantage of spillover when disciplines cross over.


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News about Amsterdam's creative industry

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  • 5 Dutch companies building a sustainable future

    The Netherlands is known for its creativity, sustainability and smart city innovation, so it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of Dutch design and smart city companies modernising architecture and infrastructure for a future-ready society. Read on to learn about five of these forward-thinking companies.

  • 5 awesome campaigns by Amsterdam ad agencies

    Amsterdam is a city built on creativity, and campaigns created by its many homegrown agencies are renowned worldwide for their inventiveness and willingness to push boundaries. Check out these five recent advertising campaigns that turned heads and hit the headlines for all the right reasons.

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