Creative industry in Amsterdam

More than 200,000 people from over 20 nationalities work in the creative industries in the Amsterdam Area. They create the clothes we wear, the games we play and the global ad campaigns we can’t forget, and have helped the region develop an international reputation for creative excellence – with a commitment to sustainability and inclusivity.

What makes Amsterdam a great place for creative businesses?

Whether it’s designing clothes with sustainable credentials, launching a head-turning campaign for a global brand or programming the next big hit in gaming, Amsterdam’s creative scene is thriving. As well as an abundance of homegrown creative talent, the city has welcomed 130 international headquarters of foreign companies that employ 31,000 people.

Amsterdam is home to more than 100 fashion houses, many of which reuse, recycle and upcycle existing materials, or even conjure up digital-only apparel. Fashion for Good, the world’s first museum dedicated to sustainable clothing, spreads its climate-conscious message to local and international visitors, hosts a startup accelerator and partners with established brands to decarbonise their supply chains. What has really put Amsterdam on the fashion map is its denim industry – worth approximately €500 billion a year.

The world’s leading advertising companies are launching memorable campaigns from Amsterdam and gaming giants such as Electronic Arts and Guerrilla Games benefit from a renowned tech scene.

It's clear that industries fuelled by imagination and passion will find everything they need to succeed here, whether it’s reliable broadband, fast connections to European cities, or an unrivalled cultural agenda to inspire big ideas. And, Amsterdam’s collaborative spirit makes it easy to partner up with companies and attract talent to bring these ideas to life. 

  • A community of over 300 international creative companies

  • The third-largest exporter of TV formats in the world
  • Renowned as the denim capital of the world
  • Access to highly skilled, experienced and multilingual creative workforce
  • The location of Europe's 3rd-largest gaming market
  • Home to the European headquarters of brands including Patagonia, TOMS and Tommy Hilfiger

Set up in Amsterdam

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