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Een Ready2Helper van het Rode Kruis ondersteunt bij de voedselbank. De reguliere vrijwilligers van de voedselbank vallen veelal in de risicogroepen waardoor zij zich nu niet kunnen inzetten. Het Rode Kruis ondersteunt zodat mensen toch hun voedselpakketten kunnen ophalen.
Image from Harry Cock

Giving back

There are many ways for companies to give back to the community, whether it's contributing time to good causes or making socially and environmentally conscious choices for your operations. Browse the list for a cause that suits your company in Amsterdam. To learn more about getting involved, reach out to the amsterdam inbusiness team.

Volunteering opportunities

  • Business Involved - Curates opportunities to do good in the Amsterdam Area. Register your business to make meaningful connections and sustainable impact.
  • Deedmob - Provides a platform to discover nearby volunteering for various causes, including environment, health, people with disabilities, animals, youth and education, and refugees.
  • NL Cares - Helps companies make impact through purpose-driven volunteer programmes.
  • Serve the City - Creates events that mobilises volunteers to serve in simple ways – sports, music, arts and crafts, meals, friendship and more.
  • VCA - Puts people who want to do voluntary work in Amsterdam in contact with volunteer organisations for all kinds of different purposes, including cooking for the elderly or coaching a sports team.
  • Voedselbanken - Distributes food to those in need. Companies can support with donations and fundraisers, food or volunteers.
Volunteer for Serve the City. Cleaning the Vondelpark.
Image from Pema.Prima

Business Services

  • Designathon - Teaches kids communication skills. Partners can commission a design-a-thon to gain children’s insights to inform decision-making or collaborate with a specific community by engaging its children.
  • DropOuts - A creative communications agency full of talented, creative young people who have not finished their studies for various reasons.

Environmental action

  • Argo360 - Decommissions, refurbishes or disposes of unwanted IT equipment in a safe and responsible way, without risk of environmental damage.
  • Land Life Company - Helps your company compensate for its carbon footprint through large scale reforestation projects actively removing carbon from the atmosphere.
  • Plastic Whale - Welcomes volunteers to gather plastic from Amsterdam's canals. It also builds sleek office furniture made from collected plastic.
Image from Courtesy of The Great Bubble Barrier

Conscious Hiring

  • Amsterdam - Diverse and Inclusive - Aims to initiate an urban movement in which companies reinforce each other and set the standard for diverse workplaces and inclusive business operations.
  • Emma at Work - Supports young people, aged between 15 and 30 and who have chronic physical disorders, in finding a place in the workforce.
  • Geja - Serves as an important link between social services, the UWV (employee insurance agency), job seekers and companies that want or need to do business in a socially responsible manner.
  • House of Skills - Develops tools that facilitate skills matching for employers, employees, and for people who are currently looking for work, by approaching learning as a lifelong practice.
  • Pantar - Connects companies with employees with physical, psychological or learning disabilities, for roles including catering, stock maintenance and office work.
  • Refugee Start Force - Empowers refugees to create their new life in the Netherlands and gives Amsterdam employers the chance to benefit from the skills and experience of this ambitious and diverse group.
  • WSP - Connects younger people, those over 50, and workers with disabilities with brands offering the right opportunities.

Socially Conscious Experience

  • Amsterdam Underground - Facilitates city tours guided by people with a past that involved homelessness and/or substance use, providing an understanding for (ex)addicts and the stigma they experience.
  • Ctaste - A unique restaurant experience in Amsterdam where visitors dine in total darkness, served by visually impaired employees.
  • Rederij Lampedusa - Offers horizon-broadening tours of Amsterdam’s waterways with personal immigration stories, as told by the international crew and on boats once used by North African refugees.

Social Buying

  • CRE8 - Trains disadvantaged young people in crafts, including digital fabrication techniques such 3D printing and laser cutting, and sells products at a gift shop in Amsterdam.
  • Tiny Miracles - Designs award-winning products made with people in impoverished communities in India, which are then sold worldwide to help these communities out of poverty
  • TravelElectric - Offers electric taxi services in and around Amsterdam, using only sustainably sourced electricity and drivers over the age of 50.