A Veem?

A Veem is a cooperative ownership set-up whereby workers have collective interest in a warehouse. In this way they themselves were responsible for the storage and supply of goods, and they were not dependent on a commercial enterprise. Vemen (the plural) were often named after the type or colour of hat that the workers of a certain veem wore, such as the Purperhoedenveem (Purple Hat) and the Klapmutsenveem (named after a traditional workers hat with ear-flaps).


Pakhuis het Veem seen from Diemenkade during the 1930s. Photo: René Gerritsen


Het Veem at this site was highly suitable for transshipment. Since the construction of two docks with locks in 1834, large ships were able to dock properly on the rear side so as to unload their goods. On the front side there was originally a track for transporting the products further. In the bay windows on top of the roof were the goods lifts.


Pakhuis het Veem seen from Diemenkade, on the old timber port. Photo: René Gerritsen

Oranje Nassau

The main building in yellow brick is the one that remains most intact. It was previously called Oranje Nassau because it was completed in the coronation year of Queen Wilhelmina (1898). The substantial façade on the street side is predominantly in the Neo-Romanesque style, which can be seen from the arched windows, corner crowns and battlements on the turrets. The quay side has a more subtle quality with its round corner turrets.Nowadays studios, a theatre and small businesses of a cultural bent are housed in Het Veem.


Façade of main building in yellow brick, 2010. Photo: Trude von Liebenstein