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ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo

In ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo nature, culture and heritage come together. Every tree, every animal, every building, every microbe, every planet tells its own story. The stories of ARTIS have been around since 1838. And they are born anew every day. Experience it yourself!

How to visit ARTIS with your City Card

To visit ARTIS with your City Card, you must reserve a time in advance. You can reserve a tee time via . Select your location (ARTIS) and click on ' I already have a ticket ' to reserve an extra start time. Make sure your City Card is valid at the time of your visit

For children (0-2 years free / 3 - 9 years €20) a valid ticket and a tee time reservation is required. If you don't have a ticket, book online and select ' I want to buy tickets'

Safe visit

People can enjoy a relaxed, safe and educational visit to the park. ARTIS explicitly asks visitors not to come by public transport, but by bicycle, on foot or by car, so that there is no pressure on public transport in the city.

The story of ARTIS

Be surprised by the many animal species that live with and between each other in the Apenhuis and Vogelhuis. Discover the tiniest organisms at Micropia, the world's first microbe museum. Travel through space in the Planetarium. Watch the giraffes along with zebras and springbok on the Savannah.

Surround yourself by hundreds of fluttering butterflies in the Butterfly Pavilion. Admire the tropical fish in the monumental Aquarium. Stroll through the historic city park with its ancient trees and many plants. Taste the atmosphere in café-restaurant De Plantage. Or set up a chair by the fountain on Artisplein. Experience nature and discover its significance for our society. Because more awareness of nature leads to more respect for all living things.

From mulberry to giant sequoia

Since June 2020, ARTIS is officially a botanical garden. ARTIS has received this designation because of the special tree collection and the educational stories and activities surrounding the entire fauna in the park. The status is a recognition of the green heritage of the ARTIS Park. The ARTIS Park is home to more than 700 trees of over 200 different species, which have Arboretum status. But shrubs, annuals and perennials, thousands of flower bulbs and even house plants can be found in the park.


See how Artis makes makes visits accessible for people with disabilities.

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