Looking back on 2017

Relive the excitement of 2017’s Canal Parade.

The route

Although the majority of the parade takes place on the Prinsengracht, many other spots provide a great view of the boats. Boarding takes place at 11:00 in the Oosterdok, and the boats continue around to Nieuwe Herengracht and the Amstel river. They enter the Prinsengracht and then travel all the way around to the Westerdok – covering more than 5.5km with music, dancing and extravagant costumes.

All are welcome

A diverse group of people make Pride Amsterdam possible, from small local LGBTI foundations, to national interest groups, government institutions, political parties, the hospitality industry and companies large and small that support the LGBTI community. Amsterdam Marketing is also proud to take part in our I amsterdam boat.

Boats taking part in the parade are organised by:

1 Gemeente Amsterdam 40B Cafe 't Achterom
2 St. Blond & Blauw 41 Vodafone
3 Roze 75+ 42 Arkin
4 A.S.V.Gay 43 Stichting KEIROZE Amersfoort
5 College voor de Rechten van de Mens 44 Philips
6 St. Meer dan Gewenst - Support Card 2018 45 GroenLinks
7 House Of Heroes 46 Mike Verschuur
8 Uit de Doos, Uit de kast! 47 Greenpeace International
9 CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality 48 FunX
10 Drag Queens United 49 LADZ sportswear party
10B AT5 50 Rotaryclub Jacobswoude
11 KNRB 51 AHF Global Immunity
12 St. Discussieren Kun Je Leren 52 Boomerang Agency
13 COC Nederland 53 PrEPnu
14 Mister B Leather & Rubber bv. 54 RozeinWit
15 Upstream 55 LHBTI - Twente
16 Cordaan 56 Arcadis
17 Palo Alto Networks 57 Netzo
18 Iraanse boot 58 OLVG
19 Amnesty International 59 Singing Out Of The Closet
20 Google 60 Dutch Music Radio
21 Deloitte 61 Landelijk Netwerk Biseksualiteit
22 Defensie 62 PwC
23 Dutch Government Pride 63 Paradiso
24 Dolly Bellefleur & Friends 64 Disco Dolly
25 PVH Europe B.V. 65 Salesforce
26 Stichting PANN 66 ING Bank N.V.
27 Roze In blauw 67 TODDITIES
28 Netflix 68 W Amsterdam
29 Aidsfonds 69 Poz&Proud;
30 De Nederlandsche Bank 70 Amsterdam UMC
31 Roze in Rood 71 pROZEcco
32 JuBi Yourself LHBTI+ Netwerk 72 BNNVARA
33 Kasteelboot 73 Spirit
34 Bar de Regenboog 74 Hvoquerido
35 Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden 75 PROUD NL Union LGBTIQ+ Sexworkers
36 Leaseplan 76 Spijkerbar
37 Ambulance Amsterdam 77 Zaalvoetbal Dames
38 AVROTROS 78 Uber
39 GGD 79 A'DAM Toren
40 VEON 80 Amsterdam goes New York City

I amsterdam meets NYC boat

Next year it will be 50 years since the Stonewall riots took place in New York, and an extra large Pride event will commemorate it. In the lead up to this, the Pride committee from New York is touring Pride events throughout Europe, including the parade in Amsterdam!

We’re delighted to have a New York delegation join us on the I amsterdam boat, and we’ve decorated our boat to make our American guests feel right at home.

Find out more

Read more about the Canal Parade, the full Pride Amsterdam event guide and see the official website for Pride Amsterdam.

And of course, Amsterdam's Code of Conduct remains in place during Pride.